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Flying Tips and Stories

Hello, blogging friends! I know I've been MIA for the last few weeks, but I am back now! In preparation for my sisters graduation ceremony and my mothers baby shower, I was busy working on stuff every waking moment for a while. Then I enjoyed over a week of vacation in Maine and North Carolina. It was fantastic! But now the baby shower and the graduation are over, and its back to the real world. I'm not sure what all the real world is, but it does include blogging!

I have mucho posts for you in the next few days (provided Irene doesn't ruin my plans) and to start, I want to talk about flying again.

I rambled about how much I loved flying Jet Blue over here. Unfortunately, this time I didn't get to fly with them again, but I still had a great trip! Here are my favorite parts of this flying trip:

I was able to travel with just a carry-on. More about that in a minuteDelta Flight attendant had a new line on one flight:

"Please shut off all electronic devices. This inclu…