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Strawberry Pina-Colada Smoothie Recipe

Today I am sharing my very favourite smoothie recipe with you! It uses just simple ingredients and tastes wonderful, plus it is super easy to have as an on-the-go snack!

Introducing the Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie!

When I added a second part-time job last fall, in addition to teaching piano, I discovered that I needed quick, easy, and affordable snacks and meals for on-the-go! Smoothies have been a favourite of mine for a while. After trying lots of different combinations I decided that this one is my favourite, hands down!

Here is the recipe to make your own Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie:

3/4 cup frozen or fresh strawberries

3/4 cup frozen or fresh pineapple

1/4 cup frozen or fresh banana

coconut milk

coconut water powder (optional)

Now, the truth? I've never measured, I just totally guessed on those measurements. {wink!} I like to make enough to fill this wide mouth, pint-sized canning jar. You can play around with it and see what tastes the best to you!

Put all the fruit …

Cows and other random things

It is Monday again! Hello to a new week. :) This is the day I do a little phone-photo dump and recap my week for you in a random format. Ok, who are we kidding, I don't think there is any "format" to it. :)

I've been blogging in this new space for a week now, and I am pretty excited about the direction this blog is headed. It has been very freeing to write in a fresh new place, and even though it still has a feel of the old blog, it has some qualities that make it seem new. Kind of the way decorating changes to a room make it feel fresh and new, even with the old wallpaper and carpet still in tact. Sometimes we just need a little change!

So here is the phone dump part of the post:

 Did you enter the giveaway yet? You still have a few more days! There is some great stuff in this box, perfect for your spring cleaning!

So how was your week? Tell me about it in the comments, or feel free to leave pictures on the new Facebook page! (Thanks to all who have liked and shared…

Weekend Wind-Down Link Party #67

Welcome to the Weekend Wind-Down Link Party! I've missed out on the party the last couple of weeks, so glad to be back and see what you have been up to!

Before we begin, a reminder: There is a giveaway going on right now on the blog! As a little incentive to start your spring cleaning, I'm giving away a Mrs. Meyers Clean Day gift set. Pop over to that post to enter! You don't want to miss out on this box of amazing products!

And now, lets get this party started!!

In case you aren't familiar with our party, here is the scoop: we like to learn new things, visit new blogs, and see what you all have been up to recently! We just ask that you link back to us somewhere on your site, and we choose 6 posts that have done so to feature each week. If you follow that one simple request of ours, you have a very good chance of getting featured in the near future!

Speaking of are the delightful bloggers we chose to highlight this week. Is one of these links yours?

If y…

Mrs. Meyers Gift Box Giveaway!

I have a great giveaway for you today! The kind folks representing Mrs. Meyers have agreed to let me give away a box full of Mrs. Meyers goodies to one lucky reader - just in time to get your spring cleaning done!

I received a box identical to this one a few months ago, and I have enjoyed trying out the different products! Everything from this company has a great scent - products that smell genuine and not chemical-ly! (Thats a word.)
The Mrs. Meyer's website says this about their products:
We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy or olive. Our products do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. We use concentrated, biodegradable formulas and at least 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles. We do not test on animals.
Did you know that Mrs. Meyers is a real person? The scents and products were inspired by her…

Organizing Quick Tip: Simplify your Inbox

Here is a new feature for the new blog: Quick Tip Tuesdays! Most Tuesdays I will post a quick tip in the area of organizing, healthy living, sewing, or maybe something random. This is something that has worked for me, made my life simpler, and now I want to pass it along to you!

Today's quick tip is the inbox. I was getting so many marketing emails each day, my inbox was becoming a place that I dreaded. All I did was open it every day and delete dozens of emails without even opening them. What a waste of time and energy!

I finally tackled it one night. It took me a half hour or so to unsubscribe from all the ones I no longer wanted. On others that still held my occasional interest, I changed the settings so I wasn't receiving emails every day, but one lump email per week instead.

30 minutes. That is all the time it took! And now I've saved myself several minutes each day, plus the dread I felt each time I opened my inbox. So worth it!

Want to take this action yourself? Jus…


It seems as though spring has finally sprung here in central Maine, though I almost don't dare say that too loud. I caught my first glimpse of green growth peeking through last year's brown and this entire week the temperature is supposed to stay above freezing. Finally!

Spring brings changes and new growth and for me that is carrying over into the blogging realm. I'm excited to bring my blog over to this new space, give everything a cohesive, consistent feel, and start fresh!

Would you help me bring the changes and new growth to this space? You can do that by following my blog via social media or a site like Bloglovin'. You can also help me out tremendously by liking this blog's new Facebook page, located by clicking here. Facebook wouldn't let me simply chance the name on the page (that would be too easy!) so in order to stay in touch via Facebook you will have to go like the new page.

Once you've done that, please feel free to share the page...often! :)