It seems as though spring has finally sprung here in central Maine, though I almost don't dare say that too loud. I caught my first glimpse of green growth peeking through last year's brown and this entire week the temperature is supposed to stay above freezing. Finally!

Spring brings changes and new growth and for me that is carrying over into the blogging realm. I'm excited to bring my blog over to this new space, give everything a cohesive, consistent feel, and start fresh!

Would you help me bring the changes and new growth to this space? You can do that by following my blog via social media or a site like Bloglovin'. You can also help me out tremendously by liking this blog's new Facebook page, located by clicking here. Facebook wouldn't let me simply chance the name on the page (that would be too easy!) so in order to stay in touch via Facebook you will have to go like the new page.

Once you've done that, please feel free to share the page...often! :)

Lets start this new space with a little Instadump, a recap of the last couple of weeks in pictures, shall we?

As of last week, we were still getting 3-inch snowstorms...

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Boston, which is just so beautiful and fun!

 I added cute new shoes...

...and new scarves to my wardrobe. (coming soon to the shop!)

 I got to spend some cousin time at a shower for my cousin's daughter who is getting married in a couple short months!

She will make a beautiful bride, don't you think? (But I remember when she was born... #soold)

Just yesterday I finally discovered some new, green life peeking through! Hurrah for spring!

That is all for this week's Instadump, but I am so excited to be blogging in this space and starting fresh! Will you share your recent snapshots with me? Post them to the new FB page or tag #soseworganized on IG so I can see what you've been up to!


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