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Taking a Deep Breath and Enjoying Family

For the past couple weeks I’ve had the opportunity to visit my family in Canada (see more on why I’m not living there by clicking here). You may have noticed my absence from the online world recently - now you know why!

In preparing to come, I knew that I wanted to not be busy busy with shop & blog stuff the whole time I was here. I did have some sewing projects to finish up for Christmas, but wanted to also take time to enjoy my family during the limited time I have with them.

My wish was more than granted when, shortly after my arrival, my mom was flat on her back with a sciatic nerve. Guess who became chief cook and bottle-washer?? Yours truly! :)

The last two weeks have been interesting to say the least. Just before Christmas is not exactly a convenient time to be laid up, especially since mom was the one directing the Christmas program at church. She had shopping to finish, preparation for our trip to the States for Christmas, plus the normal baking and activities that come with…

2013 Christmas Gift Guide from me!

If you've been paying attention to the Christmas deadlines at So Sew Organized(I've been sharing them on Facebook and via our newsletter...are you signed up for that? You can in the right sidebar!) you've probably noticed that the deadline for Christmas orders is coming, tomorrow!

So I would be remiss to not sneak a little reminder in here for you guys. And I've made it into a post for our 2013 Christmas Gift Guide. This collection is all from my own shop!

Here are some of my personal favorites as well as the price point for each item. Should make it easy for you to shop for anyone on your list! There are even more items available at So Sew Organized right now, so click on any picture to be taken to my shop.

Which item is your favourite? Do you have any more Christmas shopping to finish up?

2013 Christmas Gift Guide for Baby

Is it just me, or are baby's just the most fun to buy for out of anyone? Hopefully you have a few on your lists this year. Here are a few cute picks from some of my favourite handmade shops. Hope this sparks some ideas for you!

1. Crocheted Sock Monkey hat from  Sweet Stuff

2. Maine Onesie from Map My State (or pick any state, major city, or country!)

3. Pattern for a Onesie style Dress shirt from Mae's Joyful Noise

4. Personalized Crocheted Hat from Kraven It

5. Crochet Afghan from Kadyladyloo on Etsy

6. Appliqued Onesie from CSW Designs

7. Zebra Bow from 20 Pink Roses

Which of these items would you want your baby to own?  Let their grandparents know! ;)

I'm Having Overnight Guests! Now What?

With Christmas approaching, there is an anticipated weight falling on many a homemaker’s shoulders - having house guests! This doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. With the proper preparation and the right outlook, this can be a positive time for you, your family, and your guests. I personally think house guests are fun!

Today I’m sharing some of my tips and ideas for preparing for overnight visitors. All of this comes from personal experience, so this is tried-and-true stuff! I have personally stayed in over 100 homes throughout the US, so I’ve literally seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to hospitality! Trust me, I could tell so many stories...instead, I decided to turn them into a post preparing you to be the best hostess you can be. :)

1. Have an attitude of hospitality

Not only will your attitude towards guests be visible to them, a good attitude will set them at ease in a strange place. Hospitality is a Biblical command as well, so why grumble about doing it?

Greet yo…

Holiday Deadlines

The deadline for any orders is coming fast...why wait? Order from So Sew Organized today to receive your item in plenty of time for Christmas. Need an incentive? Use the coupon code MERRYNBRIGHT  to get 15% off your entire order!

What people on your list do you still have to buy for? Only 23 sleeps until Christmas! :)