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Organizing/Cleaning Post (Finally!!) With A Printable!

Ok peeps, I've really been trying hard to get this post out there. Promise. Blogger hasn't exactly been cooperating with me, ok? For some reason my pictures have been taking FOREVER to download, and this post has a TON of pictures. But here we finally are.
As I mentioned before, ever since Christmas I have been planning on going through all my junk/stuff in the attic and purging and sorting it all. And yeah, so I didn't get started on it until about 4 days before I left. Brilliant, right? Thankfully I still managed to get a lot done.
It started with the purchase of these: And this:

Containers! Happy dance! Something about them just brings a smile to my face!
I started with this file box. I had a bunch of random papers that needed a home. This one was pretty inexpensive and came with all these hanging files.

I went with this cardboard one as opposed to a plastic one because they are so much more expensive. I was very impressed with this one, it is very sturdy for being cardboard…

Why You Should Fly Jet Blue

I know I told you that I would post about my cleaning/organizing/last minute stuff I did before I left Canada. And I will. Promise. I just told you it would be in the next decade, so I have plenty of time to work on it. (Insert laugh here)
But in the meantime, and since I just got done a day of flying, I wanted to tell you all about the day. And why you should fly Jet Blue Airlines.
Let it first be said that I’m not doing this because Jet Blue promised me lots of money or asked me to do this. I’m just telling you this because next time you fly you’ll appreciate my advice. I really, thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Jet Blue, and if they read this and decide to give me a free flight, ya know, like halfway around the world or something, I won’t complain.
So back to my flights. Because I am going to be here for 6 months, I had, um, slightly more luggage than a normal person. But really I did pretty good! I just had one really large suitcase and one smaller one and my backpack as my car…

Making My Organizing Efforts Look Good

I'd like to show you a small part of my organizing efforts from this week. You know that I am leaving soon, and I really wanted to get all of my stuff in order so that it is not in the way while I am gone. I also needed to clean some stuff out of my room, as my parents have an intern coming this summer who will be using my room.
Okay, so the truth is that my stuff was a mess and really needed to be purged and sorted badly. And I've been meaning to do it all winter and decided to save it for my last 3 days here instead. Boom. Now you know.
I had a pile of pictures that needed a home. Some were doubles of pictures already in an album, and some were just random pictures from who knows where that probably should just be pitched, but I can't throw away pictures. I did go through them and made myself part with the ones that were too dark to even see what the picture was supposed to be of...and the ones where my finger got in front of the lens....but even those were somewhat hard t…