Friday, May 13, 2011

Why You Should Fly Jet Blue

I know I told you that I would post about my cleaning/organizing/last minute stuff I did before I left Canada. And I will. Promise. I just told you it would be in the next decade, so I have plenty of time to work on it. (Insert laugh here)

But in the meantime, and since I just got done a day of flying, I wanted to tell you all about the day. And why you should fly Jet Blue Airlines.

Let it first be said that I’m not doing this because Jet Blue promised me lots of money or asked me to do this. I’m just telling you this because next time you fly you’ll appreciate my advice. I really, thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Jet Blue, and if they read this and decide to give me a free flight, ya know, like halfway around the world or something, I won’t complain.

So back to my flights. Because I am going to be here for 6 months, I had, um, slightly more luggage than a normal person. But really I did pretty good! I just had one really large suitcase and one smaller one and my backpack as my carry on. My first checked bag was free, but the second one I had to pay for. The guy at the check-in was super helpful...he tried to get me to take the smaller bag as a carry-on instead, but it was just waaaaay too heavy and full of liquids and gels anyway, so I just decided it was worth it to pay for it. Nice of him to try to save me some green, though. Then I went to pay for that bag, and all I had was cash. I didn’t have exact change, and he didn’t have any change, so he knocked $5 off the price. Seriously, this guy was intent on saving me money. Mucho thanks, buddy.

I flew out of Portland, which is a pretty small airport. I actually sat outside security talking to my Grammie, who took me to the airport, until 20 minutes before I had to board. Then I breezed through security (I’ve got that down to a science!) and only had about an 18 minute wait to board my flight. We boarded right on time, and as soon as everyone was seated we were airborne!

It was by far the quickest I’d ever taken off. Usually its like, sit and wait for who knows what or who knows who that has to be paged all over the airport or the pilot wants another cup of coffee or SOMETHING! But not this time, just sit, buckle, and we’re off. LOVE IT!

Because of this efficiency, we landed 35 minutes earlier than we were supposed to. Yeah, when does that happen? Oh, and even though it was only a 45 minute flight, we still got a personal TV, soda, and a snack...with a choice of potato chips or chocolate chip cookies. (Just so you know, I picked chips. And they were blue. They say that they are made from naturally blue potatoes, but I have my suspicions. They were just so…!)

I was supposed to have about a 2 hour layover, but it ended up being more like a 3 hour layover because we got in so early. Which is fine, I actually really like just browsing around the airport, watching people, and not feeling at all rushed. Not too far from my gate I found a Dunkin and a Boarders….the perfect combination! And they had free wireless with these cute little places for you to sit with your laptop, and an outlet right next to you. It was a great layover.

My second flight was slightly more delayed, but not bad. We boarded a little late, and then there was some minor glitch with starting the engine. They still got us moving very quickly (maybe a 10 minute wait?) and we landed only a little late. This flight was longer which just meant that we had more snack choices. :)

Oh, and can we just talk about legs for a minute? I mean, leg room. Supposedly they have these seats that if you pay a little extra you get an “Even More Legroom” seat, which gives you even more legroom, in case you were wondering. But myself and the girl beside me both came to the decision that there is no need to pay the extra moolah because there is plenty of legroom in the regular seats. I was able to put my backpack under the seat in front of me because there was so much room under the seats, and so I didn’t have to worry about getting up to get something out of the overhead bins. It made it much easier. (I hate standing in the aisle making the whole rest of the passengers wait while I heft my backpack into that space. Blah.)

And a couple other blessings from this flight (that have nothing to do with Jet Blue, really):

I had window seats for both flights. I LOVE window seats! If you think God’s creation is beautiful down here, you should see the “big picture” of it when you are up in the air! Stunning!

I had an empty seat beside me on the first flight, and had two nice ladies sitting in the seats next to me on the second flight. No fat men beside me or anything.

My cousin Crysten and my siblings made me a couple plane letters to open while in the air. Very fun! Got some chocolate out of it, which is always a good thing.

My sister Rachel (with a little help from my parents) wrote me this poem and put it in my plane letter. I must share it with you. I laughed so hard, the other passengers probably thought I was wacky. Which isn’t true, btw. (I’m going to spell everything just like she did, because that is half of what makes it so funny.)

While Your Away

While your away

We will have fun,

Playing outside

Cause school will be done.

While your away

We’ll have Jaimie instead,

She will stay in your room

And take up the whole bed.

(Can I just insert: someone has warped that poor child’s mind. You know who you are!!! :)

While your away

We won’t cry boohoo,

Miss Jaimie won’t make us practice

As much as you do.

While your away

The weather will be cool,

But you’ll be in Florida

Just like a fool.

While your away

Aunt Kathy will be here,

And you’ll be so lonely

You might shed a tear.

While your away

You’ll get a nice tan

And maybe if your lucky

You’ll even get a man.

(I’m told that my mother helped with that part….very funny.)

While your away

We’ll miss you very much

Do not forget us

And be shure to keep in touch.

Love, Your Family

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  1. LOL...this was a great post! Loved the poem;-)


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