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Coffee Chats: Fall Fun

Holly: Ok, let’s get the important stuff out of the way: what is your legal addictive stimulant of choice this week?
Nicole: Seatles Best Hazlenut (sensing a pattern? Seatles Best was on sale)

Holly: Gotta love sales!

Nicole: Yeah, it was BOGO and I had $1/1 coupons, so thats technically $2 off one, plus one free...can't go wrong.

Holly : Ha, that's the reason my computer is running crazy slow right now...I’m trying to print coupons for milk and cream cheese. {, if you all are interested}

Nicole: Smart lady

Holly: And I’m thoroughly enjoying Folgers Vanilla Biscotti.

Ok, so: fall. Does it feel like fall in Florida right now?

Nicole: Absolutely not! We are still feeling the summer vibe down here - 80+ degrees most days. Right now it is 83, and it has been overcast all day. What about in North Carolina?

Holly: We're getting there. Slowly. The weekend we moved was really cold, wearing sweatshirts cold, but it got back up to the 80's recently. I just heard today that we…

DIY: 3-D Framed Butterflies

So, this totally happened like three months ago, but I didn't have a camera to take pictures of it. So you get the blessing of seeing this project now! Aren't you lucky?

I first saw this project over on I {heart} Organizing, where Jen made this 3-D butterfly. I've since seen similiar projects on Pinterest. One with apples, how cool is that? But butterflies won me over. I've had this thing for butterflies ever since I had butterfly wallpaper as a little girl. But that is not what I got on here to talk about.

I checked out a nearby discount store for the "perfect" frame. (Perfect means cheap in my book, of course) I found this one Beal's Outlet. Don't be deceived by this picture...I actually got it for much cheaper than the price tag says. (%50 or something? I don't remember exactly)

I don't have very detailed pictures of the process (like I said, I was sans camera) but here is the basic gist. I took out the mat that came with the frame, which was …

1,000 Uses For Vinegar

Its no secret that I have this thing for Apple Cider Vinegar, or any vinegar for that matter. Today I would like to share some of those uses with you! There probably are 1,000, but I won't share that many with you today. You can thank me later.

Here are a few ways that I use vinegar, and some other ways I've heard of other people using.

My#1 use is as an immune booster. I take a little (maybe a tablespoon?) in a little water (maybe 1/3 a cup? Obviously, I don't measure.) before I go to bed each night. I'm not going to, and tell you that I haven't been sick in 5 years, but it does help a lot. Last month all 3 of my coworkers had very bad bronchial-type sickness, and I never got it. I would much rather take something like apple cider vinegar then pop a zillion pills! If you can't hack the taste, you can dillute the vinegar more.

Vinegar also helps with a dry mouth, or a bad taste in your mouth. However, it doesn't necessarily help with …

Coffee Chats: Blogging

Hello, and welcome to the first ever Coffee Chat! This chat is hosted by Holly from Moments On Our Journey (with a mug of Folgers Vanilla Biscotti) and Nicole from A Living Sacrifice (joining you over a cup of Seattle's Best...Level 5, in case you were wondering).

The topic we have picked for our first Coffee Chat is: blogging. Yes, we know that blogging about blogging seems a little redundant, but we want you to know the passion behind us and our blogs, and share our favorite reads with you. In return, we would love for you to participate in the commments section! So without further ado, here are our thoughts on blogging.

Holly: I started blogging because I loved reading other people's blogs so much. That, and the fact that I needed a creative outlet during those crazy college days. So I grabbed a free Blogger URL and started typing (with no clue as to what I was doing, mind you).

Nicole: Of course, who ever knows what they are doing when they start?

Holly: You started with Blog…

The Brains of Coffee Chats

Today you get to meet the smart half of our Coffee Chats duo. (We just won't point out what that says about me, haha!)

(Ok, just kidding....I was just trying to make Holly feel better.)

(. . .)

(Ok, just kidding again - man, I crack myself up)


Today I am introducing you to Holly, one of my bestest friends in all the world. I met her at the very beginning of our freshman year of college. (Read that story here....makes me tear up every time!) We've been pretty much inseparable since then...unfortunately, we don't live anywhere near each other any more. :(

Holly and her husband Andrew live in Shelby, North Carolina. They have been married for about a year and a half. Holly enjoys being a homemaker and also working at a mission board part time. She blogs at Moments on Our Journey. In short....she's amazing. (Ha ha, in short....there I go, cracking myself up again.)

We agreed a few weeks ago that before we begin our coffee chats, our readers should get to know us a littl…