Monday, September 19, 2011

1,000 Uses For Vinegar

Its no secret that I have this thing for Apple Cider Vinegar, or any vinegar for that matter. Today I would like to share some of those uses with you! There probably are 1,000, but I won't share that many with you today. You can thank me later.

Here are a few ways that I use vinegar, and some other ways I've heard of other people using.

My #1 use is as an immune booster. I take a little (maybe a tablespoon?) in a little water (maybe 1/3 a cup? Obviously, I don't measure.) before I go to bed each night. I'm not going to, and tell you that I haven't been sick in 5 years, but it does help a lot. Last month all 3 of my coworkers had very bad bronchial-type sickness, and I never got it. I would much rather take something like apple cider vinegar then pop a zillion pills! If you can't hack the taste, you can dillute the vinegar more.

Vinegar also helps with a dry mouth, or a bad taste in your mouth. However, it doesn't necessarily help with bad breath. There is a difference. :) So don't throw out your mouthwash quite yet.

A tablespoon of vinegar mixed with a tablespoon of honey (preferably raw honey) can help you sleep better. I've done this lots of times with great success.

Vinegar makes a great cleaner. Much better for you than the toxic cleaners you are probably using in your home! It's good for stubborn dirt, too, like the sticky residue left from a sticker on your tile floors. I don't sound like I'm speaking from experience, do I?

I am told that it is also good in your laundry. It can takes out nasty smells, and also acts as a natural softener. I haven't tried this yet, because I heard that white vinegar is better for this. And at the moment, I don't have any white vinegar.

Here is one of my favorite uses: on my french fries. :)  Apple Cider vinegar is my fav, but any will do. It is also really good on cucumbers.

Another tip I heard that I want to try desperately need to try is this: put some vinegar and water in a bowl and microwave it for several minutes. When it is done, all the disgusting, stuck on pasta sauce, greasy meat oils, and the other miscellaneous food that I would never allow to stay stuck in my microwave will wipe off easily. With such an easy solution as this, I certainly have no reason to let growing things reside in my microwave. :)

Recently we were advised to cycle our dishwasher with vinegar to help clean out the pipes. (We had some trouble with the water not emptying quick enough, and all that soapy water was ending up on my floor instead. Makes washing the floor a piece of cake!)

 Well, there are a few ways for you to use your vinegar. I feel like I am forgetting some...does anyone else know of any?


  1. Making pickles, of course!
    My husband also uses it for his eczema with success.

  2. Vinegar is a household staple! I make a morning tonic with apple cider vinegar with the mother in it, jasmine green tea, whey and raw honey. Clears the brain, gets the blood moving, and keeps you from getting sick! None of us have been sick either this year at all. I use white vinegar for my household cleaner...spray it on stubborn spots, leave for a few minutes, come back and wipe off! I always know that if my kids try tasting the household cleaners it won't kill them...believe me, Addy tried this:-) I found her spraying the vinegar into her mouth...glad it was just vinegar! I also spray it onto stubborn stains before I wash the laundry and it works great!

  3. Absolutely for pickles! My mom's homemade mustard pickles are my favorite!

    Lauren, household staple is right! Glad to know that it works so well as a cleaner. I would be interested in knowing why having the mother in it makes it better...I've heard that but never knew why!

  4. I've started making some of my own cleaners just for a heathier/safer home (and its A LOT cheaper than buying toxic stuff that really doesn't work as well :S) My #1 fav use for vinegar is in our laundry. We are on well water which after a while can leave stains on white clothing - no problems with that yet but I'm not going to stop my vinegar to find out if that is a problem for us- also I do use it as a stain fighter and softener. Most fabric sofeners leave a residue on your stuff making them not absorb water and irritating your skin. And yes white vinegar is the best (I put a capful, probably 1 tsp, in a full load of laundry) but in a pinch you can use apple cider vinegar - I don't know if I'd do it in my whites though :S
    Thanks for this I think I might try it for sleeping and colds - flu season is coming!


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