Thursday, August 09, 2012

Small Room Updates

Besides the fact that organizing a space is so much fun, I am constantly making small updates that improve my living area! Sometimes what I thought was "the answer" at first turns out to be not so hot. Sometimes I just think of something I like even better! And its so fun to rearrange and organize..did I mention that?

My teeny tiny bedroom is a space that is constantly evolving as I move things around and make things work best in the space. I've made a couple recent changes that literally made me smile every time I walked in the room, so I just had to share them with you!

I showed you some specific goals I had to keep some areas cleaned up in this post, and this picture showed you a little problem area...notice all the cords?

Yucky, right? My bedroom only has one outlet, so I keep a surge protector plugged in there so I have more places to plug my curling irons stuff in, plus give me some surge protection. (duh!)

For months, I've just had that ugly thing sitting on the back of my dresser, taking up space and just generally looking ugly. I finally decided to try attaching it to the wall to see if that would work better. I still needed room to plug things into it, but wanted to hide all those cords so badly! Here is what I came up with...

Soooo much better! I can still slip my hand in to plug things in, but the worst of the mess is hidden. Love it!

I tried to dress up the top of my dresser with a couple of new items, too. I had an empty ceramic bowl that had been sitting there collecting dust and waiting for something fun to fill it.

I got tired of it sitting there empty (and more often than not collecting junk that shouldn't be there) so I grabbed some thing I had on hand to pop inside. I just took some cream colored yarn and rolled it into balls, as well as some twine.

Popped them inside, and love it!

If I were to do it again, I would probably make the balls smaller so that more would fit in, but for now I love that it gives the space some texture, yet looks nice with the clean, white lines of the bowl.

Lookee at this rock I found at the beach...I call it the "Rock of the United States."

I like it. So now it is sitting on my dresser. Because thats how I roll.

Speaking of the U.S.A. I also have this neat globe light.

It doesn't work any more, sadly, because it was this really neat touch lamp, and one is never to old to be fascinated by a touch lamp. :) I still love that it is a globe, so it found a home for the time being.

The other wowzers-I-love-this update was moving this shelf to a nice little spot over my headboard.

It used to live on the little half wall next to my bookshelf, and I kept my scarves on the hooks. But it is summertime now and I just decided I could put it to better use. I had wanted a shelf here for ages (as I mentioned in this post) so this was great! I keep the books I'm currently reading on it, plus the notebook in which I record my 1,000 Gifts list, and hang my necklaces on the hooks. Just for fun I added my favorite picture from my college days, a fun pen and Tim Horton's mug ornament...because who says ornaments are just for Christmas trees?

Those are my most recent changes and updates! Just some small things that make a huge impact on not only the look of the room but how much I adore it! I'm looking forward to tackling this space next...

...and you know I'll keep you posted!

Anyone else doing some rearranging and updating to a space? Do you have a system that works good for you, or do you constantly keep changing to see what you like best?

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