Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Power of a Thank You Note

Rustic Thank You via Sweet Sights on Etsy
I'm privileged to be a contributor over at Imperfect Homemaker, a blog written by a Godly friend of mine in her journey as a homemaker, wife and mother! Today I am over there chatting about thank you notes: the lost art, appropriate times to send a note, and some fun ideas to make thank yous more personal. You know that corresponding more is one of my goals for this year...well here is one way I make that a reality!

Here is an excerpt from my post:

Now, getting a pen-and-paper note is very rare. We check our email and social media several times a day, no longer waiting for that one moment when mail is delivered. Being able to communicate more often, and even immediately, with friends and family is a blessing of the internet age, but at the same time we miss out on something by not getting the meaning that goes into a handwritten note.

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