Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Try New Things

One thing I love about having a sewing business is the opportunity to try new things. Because I take custom orders, I'm able to experiment with the ideas of others who think of things I don't!

Before I left on vacation I made this medium tote as a custom order:

It was requested for a lady that loves chickens and roosters {you know I love a good rooster tote...who would have thought?} plus this fabric has a few more farm animals thrown in the mix.

Instead of the traditional fabric trim that I made into a bow and add to each tote, I was asked to include this decorative ribbon. I probably never would have thought to try that, but...I like how it turned out!

The top band and inside were a bright pansy print...combining this gals love of farming and gardening all in one tote!

It was a fun mix I would not have put together on my own...and the recipient was pleased with the result! What a fun project!

I think trying new things and broadening my repertoire is important, not just in this business realm, but in many areas of life! What new thing are you trying?

Psst! So Sew Organized is re-opened now that I am home from vacation. There are several colourful totes to choose from on 3 different sizes, plus various sizes of tablet/eReader sleeves, pillowcases, and organizing printables to round out the mix! Hope you'll check it out...new items coming SOON!

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  1. Pretty! love the lacyish ribbon too! :)

  2. I love that ribbon...and what a combo! Who would have thought that it actually works? Cute tote! =)

    1. Thanks Amanda! It is definitely not something I would have put together, either!


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