Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Organizing

Remember when I made that butterfly art, and bored you to death with my "gotta-have-both-lights-on-which-was-a-huge-ordeal" randomness?

I mentioned wanting to work on the bookshelves that needed major help. Well, this weekend Jen at I {heart} Organizing issued a little challenge about doing some organizing without spending a dime. Since I've only put this off for 6 months, this challenge was just what I needed to get my bookshelf organizing pants on!

It wasn't rocket science. I just took stuff off and put it back on. The End. But more specifically, I put some books vertical and some horizontal. I paired up a stack of white books and a stack of brightly colored ones. Then I scrounged around the house for little "things" to set on the shelves. You know, shelf-things.

Here is the final result:

Like I said, not rocket science. If I didn't tell you there was a difference, you probably wouldn't even notice. But it is a little more visually appealing! Here are some close-ups:

Love the globe. Love, love, love the globe. Did I mention I love the globe? I would decorate the whole house with globes if I could.

That frame in the bottom right-hand corner? I got that the same day I got the frame for the butterfly art. And alas, there it still sits with an el-cheapo picture of some random couple. I am thinking it needs a bright blue water and sailboat picture? Or maybe a sunset picture? We'll see.

Here we have some more badly lit pictures. There is my butterfly art! I like the pottery-looking thing on the middle shelf and the apple (that is actually a candle!) on the bottom shelf. Trying to add something slightly fall-ish.

I think it came out pretty good! It is a great way to organize for renters or apartment-dwellers. And it was free! Woot woot! Now if I was to spend money and if this wasn't someone elses house, I would totally paint the back of the shelves. Like a deep blue or green. That would be purrrrr-fect.

Anyone else doing any free organizing out there? If you rent, what changes are you allowed to make to make your space your own?


  1. I think that this free makeover is AMAZING! Way to re-invent those shelves and give them a little extra pizazz! Love it!



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