Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From The Mouth Of An 8-Year-Old...

I posted last week about Carrie and her big birthday! Here is a sample of the wisdom, honesty and compassion that exudes from an 8-year-old. In the words of my mother (since this is the only time she'll ever blog anything)...

When we were filling out the paper work for our health insurance we had to put if the kids wanted to be organ donors.  Carrie asked what that meant and I said, "If you were to die and a little girl needed a new heart then she could have yours and live."  Carrie asked, "Since I have Jesus in my heart would she go to heaven too?"

What a sweet thought! Carrie has always been known for her  "one-liners" and for bringing a smile to our faces.  It is hard to believe that she is *already* 8 years old!


  1. That is so sweet! Kenny still has the picture of Carrie and him all dressed in red, he carries it in his Bible :)

  2. Aw, how sweet! I wonder how many other guys carry her picture around, lol. :) I'll be sure and tell her that!


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