Thursday, October 27, 2011

Make Your Own Iced Coffee

There are lots of posts floating around out there that help us make Starbucks-style drinks, for waaaaaay less, with ingredients we have in our own home. You mean Starbucks doesn't really perform miracles? Who knew?

I was making this iced mocha frappuchino for a while, and it is sooo good. Then I read this technique from the Pioneer Woman, and I decided to try something similar. Emily had the same is her technique. And here is mine!

I fill my cup about 3/4 full with ice.

Then I put about the same amount of coffee. I brew this coffee in my regular coffee maker, only extra strong. Like, I pretty much fill the filter with coffee grounds. Then I keep that extra strong coffee in a pitcher in the fridge. When I'm ready to use some, its already cold, so my ice doesn't melt too much and make my coffee all watered-down tasting. That's gross.

Then I add milk, almost to the top...

And then creamer the rest of the way. Thats the best thing about this iced coffee, I can make as many different flavors as I can get creamer. Caramel Macchiato iced coffee? Yes please!

Then I add a straw and lid! Aaaaaand, whala!

It is so, so good. The creamer makes it sweet enough for me, but I suppose you can add sugar if you want. I would add it last, and stir it in vigorously. If you add it on top of the ice, that will keep it from just settling on the bottom and not getting stirred in very well.

Do you like iced coffee? Where is your favorite place to purchase coffee? Do you make your own? Let me know if you try this method!

***Sorry DD, I do reuse your cups. They are perfect. But you really have nothing to do with this post. Even though your iced coffee is great.

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