Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Personalized Couponing Envelopes

I plan to post on my method of couponing soon, but for now, I want to show you the little project I did to make my couponing prettier. Yes, prettier. I like pretty, colorful things. :)

Before I go grocery shopping, I plan out what I am going to get at each store, with the appropriate coupons. Carrying around all those coupons gets confusing, so I needed a more streamlined method so I would have the coupons for each store at my fingertips. Or maybe I'm just way to OCD organized. Either one. :)

I took a regular, letter-sized envelope:

I picked out a fun, colorful scrapbook paper and measured out the dimensions of the envelope, then glued it to the outside of the envelope.

It was slightly not cool to have the flap just, um, flapping. And because of the way I covered the back of the envelope, I couldn't tuck it in. So I took the edge of my scissors and made a tiny slit in the scrapbook paper (but not the envelope itself) so I could tuck the tip of the flap in. See, here is the obligatory creepy-long-finger shot, showing you where the slit is.

Now it looks nice and neat, and the coupons can't fall out!

Then I cut a circle out of regular white paper, and decorated it with markers, with a label for which store this envelope belongs too.

Ta-da! All finished!

It was a fun little project, and I feel so cutsie walking around the store with my cute little envelopes. It works really well for me!

You could decorate envelopes this way for just about anything...or maybe make personalized envelopes for gift cards, etc. It is a quick, fun project that makes a world of difference!


  1. how beautiful and simple you design it..thanks for sharing it as i might need it when design Gift Card envelopes.

    1. That is a great idea...I never thought of trying that! Thanks! =)


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