Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17th

Today, I choose to be thankful for the rain.

Because being thankful for rain doesn't come easy for me. 

But you know what? Because of the rain, I don't have to turn on the sprinklers. God waters my new grass, instead.

It is nourishing our plants and keeping our wells full. Well, if I had a well.

It fills this "rain barrow", so that if it ever does stop raining, I can water my plants with this.

It gives these birds a place to bathe, so that I can enjoy watching them. (Well, they were bathing until I tried to get close to them...which is why you don't see any water in this picture.)

The rain makes things beautiful.

It makes fun puddles. And when it does stop, I'm going to have a lot of leaf-blowing to do. 

And someday, I'm making windshield wipers for myself.

What can you choose to be thankful for today???

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