Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Serving...and Fun!

Rachel, Carrie and I had the opportunity to go to a local Nursing Home and help with a Christmas party!

A lady in our church (I'll call her Mrs. H) holds a Bible study there once a week, and Tuesday was the last one for the year. She decided to make it a Christmas party, and asked us to help out in the music department. We also helped give out goodies and presents to the residents that came, and the girls especially enjoyed wheeling people around in their wheelchairs.

This was such an important opportunity for us to take some time to focus on others during the Christmas season. So often we are thinking of ourselves, what we have to do or buy, or what we will be receiving. If we think about anyone else, we remember Jesus, because after all, He is the reason for the season! But stopping to focus on others and give them a merry day is also very important. And we have bunches of fun doing it!

This is Candy, Mrs. H's dog. He goes in to the Nursing Home once a week to make his rounds (and get slipped a few treats!) Everyone gets excited to see him coming!

 { The residents that attended }

Candy was very impressed by the devotional part, can't you tell?

{When can I have my treats?}

The whole place was beautifully trimmed for Christmas!

Everyone left with a load of goodies!

Having a great time!

Candy made a Christmas card for everyone. (all by himself, I'm sure!)

Quite a party!

It was an enjoyable time, and one that the residents will not soon forget. I am so glad we had the opportunity to do it for them!

What have you done this Christmas season for others?

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