Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Bedroom Art

While I was cleaning up some Christmas clutter and looking through some of the things I have in storage in the attic, I decided to do a quick little project and add to the art on my bedroom wall. I really only have one wall for art (because of the weird slanted wall on the other side) and that one wall is kinda turning into a gallery of various art. Observe:

This is the before. Although it is not truly the before, because you might notice the odd frameness going on in the bottom left corner. Basically that one small vertical frame used to be hanging horizontally like the one below it...then I got a vertical picture and that is when the awkwardness began. But I fixed it. Keep reading.

I laid out some of the new things I wanted to put up and, in my Sherry obsessiveness, used newspaper to lay it all out on the wall. It really works very well!

And the after...

Gotta love how fast the internet makes that process, eh? Wish it happened that fast in real life!

Here are some closeups of the new things I added:

The horse picture is actually one of those collectors plates given to me for Christmas. Yup, its genuine and I have the papers to prove it, so supposedly it will be worth a million someday. *crosses fingers* The second frame is a postcard from my trip to the Keys this summer. I decided (while I was there) that I should start collecting postcards to chronicle the places I visit! Of course, I wish I would have thought of it in high school, before my family and I took a 16-day road trip to Florida and back, and before I road tripped to California and back during a college tour. Oh well. Anyway, I stuck it in a frame I had and backed it with some pretty contrasting scrapbook paper.

I hung my college graduation tassel on the wall (my diploma is already hanging on the other side) and next to it I had a little fun. While digging in the attic, I found a random tin of foreign coins that I collected somewhere along the line. I don't even remember doing it, actually. I thought it might be fun to frame them and hang them as art. My other option was to leave them packed in the attic, so hanging them up seemed worth a shot.

Most of them are from Argentina and Chile, because I've been there, but the large one in the middle is from Erie and a couple of the others are from random places. Kind of a neat little collection, I just wish I could remember where I got them from!

I have a little secret, however, which you may have noticed in the above picture...

Yes, that is a thumbtack. It is just temorary until I can get some Command-something-or-other to help hold the frame to the wall. You see, what I hadn't counted on was the coins being so heavy.

Whoops. The thumbtack holds it all in place quite nicely until I can get something that will be hidden behind the frame. Oh, and as for how I put it all together....I pulled out some scrapbook paper that I really liked, and then used a lighter color to hold the coins. Once I got it on the wall, I didn't like the lighter color as much, so I may keep my eyes out for something better. But its not that bad, and something about the coins hanging there just makes me happy!

This was a Christmas present as well from one of my cousins. Its a picture of us exchanging gifts. Its kind of this not-so-secret-any-more tradition we have. It looks a little lonely on the wall, but it fills that little space nicely.

So that was the after. I thought. Then I made one more change....can you pick it out?

I swapped the plain white paper behind my diploma for some scrapbook paper. Yup, I was on a scrapbook-paper-role. I think it keeps it from looking so all-plainy-whitey.

So theres my art! Now if spring would just come so I can get outside and paint all those frames white....ah, that would look 1,000 times better. And picture it with a nice brown color on the wall (darker then a tan, but not too dark since the room is very small) and white trim everywhere and lots of purple accents.....oh heavenly.

Just when I thought I was done with the art, my brother (who had been bugging me watching the whole process, while asking questions like, why did you tape newspaper on the wall? And why did you take pictures of it?) decided I needed a little help.....

Thanks, but no thanks. Not looking to hang cars on my wall, ifyouplease.

Randomly, heres a shot of the bedspread my mom got me for Christmas.

It has nice soft purple and browns and is just beautiful. It perfectly matches the throw blanket (that I already had) and is just a shade different than the pillowcase (which I also already had) but not too different to matter. Heres a weird-lighting shot that shows the true colors better:

And of course, no photo shoot is complete without a little "help"....

She was just showing you how well it works. :)

Anyone else been doing any decorating lately? What did you get for Christmas that was added to your decor? I'd love to hear about it! Am I the only one that gets weird looks and questions while trying to take blog pictures? "C'mon, who doesn't take pictures of their tupperware in a big heap on the floor? Get with the program!"

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