Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rachel Take 2

Ok folks, I think I've gotten these pictures to work so I can show you the rest! In case you are just coming in, I took pictures of my 12-year-old sister Rachel...and then had trouble getting them to load to blogger. Boo photo upload. Things appear to be working now, so here are all the goodies for ya!

I'm no photographer and don't claim to be, but I had fun taking her pictures!

I think this is my favorite one...I love how beautiful the snow looks behind her!


Huh? Smile? What does that mean?

Killer was crying to be in the pictures...then changed her mind!

I don't remember what was so funny...but she loses her eyes when she laughs!
I also took some of Carrie and should have those to you soon! For now, lets play favorites. I already told you which was mine, now its your turn to pick your favorite and tell me which one in the comments section.


  1. You can tell she is growing up. She is a pretty young lady and looks like your mom.

    1. Yes, she does. Next year she will be a teenager! Yikes!


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