Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tracking My Finances

Finances are a very important, but often touchy subject. There are so many ways to track your finances in this computer age, with everything from a traditional transaction register to an online site like this one. Each works just as well as the other, depending on your various needs.

In evaluating my expenses recently, I found myself wishing for some type of record that I could keep in my planning binder, and also a way to be able to evaluate my monthly expenses at a glance. It is easy to look over my bank statements, but with multiple accounts, both in the States and in Canada, plus cash and online transactions, rounding up statements at the end of the month wasn’t cutting it. I wanted to be able to see where my money was going, including cash transactions. So, I did the logical thing - created a matching printable to insert in my planning binder!

I listed each of my accounts and a column for cash transactions. I plan to print one off each month to record where money is going and even keep record of when I move money around, etc. For now, I just evaluate the list every night, writing in any receipts or online transactions from the day, and have an up-to-date record of my moolah. I could always change things around if need be, or only evaluate once or twice a week, but for now this seems to be working well.

I just can’t keep this new system all to myself, however, but I also realize that everyone doesn’t have the same accounts as I do. Or the same name. And yes, it took much deep thought to come to that conclusion. :) So, I changed things around just a bit for you!

I just took out the names of the accounts so that you can write them in yourself. I also took out my name, and made this sheet totally customizable! This sheet has just been included in my shop, so all you have to do is leave me your customization preferences in the comments section when you complete your order. Not enough columns for your needs? No problem! I can add as many or as few as you need if you’ll just let me know. Thats the funnest thing (yes, that is still a word) about this planning binder deal, making it to suit your exact  needs!

I’d love to hear what methods of finance tracking have worked for you. Do you use an online service? Are you a die-hard checkbook person? Or, like me, have you been hankerin’ for a new, perfect way to keep track of your millions? Yeah, I wish….


  1. I really love this page! Now I will want to actually write down what I spend! Thank you...:) Tiffonie

    1. You are so welcome! Glad you finally got it! =)

  2. Would you maybe be interested in making a customized recipe page for a recipe book? Like, Recipe From the Kitchen of...?

    1. Of course, I would be delighted! I am not sure I know exactly what you mean...can you give me a little more detail? Do you mean just a place to record the names of recipes, or a sheet to write down the entire recipe?


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