Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Pinterest Project: Lavendar Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub looked so easy, I knew I had to give it a try! I've been making these sugar scrubs for my shop for quite a while...

...and they are quick and easy as well. I've been looking to branch out and try some new ones, so this was perfect!

This is the original pin...

And here is mine!

It is hard to tell in this picture, but it is a lovely lavender color!

This sugar scrub uses only two ingredients: white sugar, of course, and dish detergent. Yuppers!

I used this detergent, since Dawn Hand Renewal was the recommended choice. It works well!

We also have this on hand, so I may try it next. It was 50% case you hadn't noticed.

Unlike the sugar scrub in my shop, this actually lathers up like soap (obviously, because it is) so the results are a little different. It still works great, though!

I've been using sugar scrubs a lot on my feet these days, because at this time of year my feet really itch when I'm trying to sleep! I'm not sure why! The scrub takes away all the dry skin and also moisturizes them, so it makes a huge difference.

Because of the soapy lather of this scrub, I decided to try using it as shaving cream. it worked well for that, too. I normally like a shaving cream with a lot of foam, but the lather of this worked fine.

Overall, I prefer my original scrub because of the ingredients...I know what is in it, whereas with this one there is some crazy stuff in the detergent that kinda scares me! It was nice for a bit of a change, though. Sugar scrubs make great gifts...I am looking forward to trying out some other ones I've found! Visit my Pinterest board to check some out for yourself.

Do you use or make sugar scrub? What ingredients are in yours? Have you made some nice colorful ones?

***Note: If you pin this scrub, please click through and pin from the original source. Thanks for being considerate!

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