Friday, September 14, 2012

Visit Nova Scotia: Grandma's Antiques & Collectables

Realizing that some of you have never been to beautiful Nova Scotia, I'm taking you on a virtual tour of some of the neat places in our area! So far we've visited Forgotten Memories Antiques and Collectables, Atlantic Heirlooms and Quilt Loft, and the island of Lockeport. Today I have another Antique store for you...Grandma's Antiques, located in Ashmore, Nova Scotia!

Jam packed with interesting finds, this shop has anything you could ever look for in the antique world! I almost didn't know where to begin, but I did snag a few picture for ya.

I have a recent fascination with wooden ladders after seeing the neat ways that people bring them into their home decor!

This piece of art always catches my eye. The colors are so vibrant! It makes me think "Japanese" but I truthfully have no idea where it is from. It is lovely, however! Can't you see it in a white frame?

Much like the gold-framed mirror here, this one struck me as neat! I can just see it spray-painted white or teal or something lovely like that. At $20 it would be an inexpensive upgrade to a room.

True story - at first I thought I had this picture upside down. Then I realized that the chairs reflected in the mirror are hanging upside down from the ceiling. No wonder I was so confused! (At least, that is what I'm blaming it on...)

I am still dreaming up ways to use this cute table. It too was only $20, and it was in great condition! I would probably spray paint this baby white - no shocker there, I know - or maybe even ORB?? I can picture it in a bathroom with a box of kleenex, a vase of faux flowers, and a basket of other essentials for guests.

Vintage suitcases? Check! Those turquoise ones are so neat!

How about a random family picture...of someone you don't even know? Can you imagine what a conversation starter that would be, lol! Even though the picture was neat, I personally would grab this just for that (nice white) frame. Worth it for $20!

Colored glass. Oh how I love thee.

All of it was beautiful (especially arranged by color like that!) but here are a couple of specific pieces I couldn't resist petting highlighting...

This was a sturdy piece with neat detail! Originally $50, it was marked down to $30. I'd love to serve dip in this!

Each of these teal pieces was beautiful, but that one in the back was really neat. The detail reminded me of the pink one above, so how neat would it be to have both and use them to entertain?

This set was cute, but then again so was the little table and chairs. Perfect kidlet size! Visions of tea parties are dancing in my head!

Need an old-timey remedy? Grandma has it. These were neat to look through!

How about a Mr. Edwards-style jug? :) To put water in, of course.

These little signs were posted around to discourage little fingers...

There was also one that ended with something like, "if you steal it, I hope it is worth the price of your soul." Haha! So yeah, I won't be shoplifting anything from there!

This basket had me at a looks like it should be strapped down to the back of a buggy for a picnic or something. But it would make a great place to keep extra blankets or something now!

I didn't take a picture of the oodles of books, but that is usually where I spend most of my time! There are lots of other interesting things to explore here to, so next time you are traveling down Highway 101 in Ashmore, I hope you'll stop in a take a look-see!

I'm still dreaming about those turquoise dishes and the glass side table...what were your favorites?

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