Friday, October 05, 2012

Frugal Photo Friday: Bath and Beauty

I'm joining in the fun over at Money Saving Mom and Simply Rebekah! Every Friday during October these gals are sharing pictures of ways they save money in certain areas. Today's photo is of bath and beauty!

Here is my frugal picture:

Interesting, eh? :) Here is why I chose to take a picture of these items:

1. Aussie Hairspray I do not use a lot of product on my hair. Basic shampoo, conditioner and hairspray is about it. In the past I have tried different gels/creams/younameit and it seems like a waste of money. The less I use on my hair, the less I have to purchase!

I know there are different circumstances that make this hard to do. I recently had to buy cleansing cream for my hair because of build-up. That was money well spent! Find what your hair needs and stick with it...don’t be tempted to try every new thing that comes down the pike!

2. Gold Bond Medicated Body Lotion I discovered this amazing stuff while I was in Florida, and my skin was getting dried out from all the sun exposure. My skin isn’t used to that. :) This stuff is amazing. It works for everything! Some examples:
   - It is a moisturizer
    -It has aloe and vitamin E, so it is great to relieve any itching or burning...I put it on my mosquito bites, any cuts, sunburn, etc.
   - It helps to heal skin really fast. Cuts and scrapes used to take forever to heal up, but not any more. I even use it on my face and it helps heal the areas where I break out.

We have affectionately dubbed this “miracle cream” at our house, and my siblings are constantly coming to ask for some for whatever minor ailment they are experiencing! It sure beats buying separate moisturizers, lotions, aloe, neosporin, etc.

3. Body spray. I almost never have to buy myself body spray. It is a great gift...and apparently everyone knows that! I do have some favorite types/scents, but I am not picky about what I use...whatever is gifted to me works fine! Generally the people that purchase it for me know my tastes anyway. Sure beats buying expensive perfumes!

I do use other personal care products besides just these three (my teeth would be nasty if this was it!) but I used these three just to give you an example of how I use less products and still get the same end results. Remember, the less you are using, the less you have to buy when you run out!

What frugal tip works for you in the area of personal care?

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  1. Simplifying your beauty routine is a great way to save! I've never tried that brand of lotion. I'll have to add that to the shopping list.

    Thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing what you share next week.

  2. Hmmm... I almost never buy brand-name hair products (the exception is Garnier, which I love mostly cause of the smell :D), the cheap store brand here is famous for being super good quality. I tried Pantene, which is a really "luxury" hair brand, and hated how it left my hair.

    When I get a few minutes I'll put a picture of my ultra cheap, life-saving smell-good kit I ALWAYS carry EVERYWHERE! :D

    1. I've heard that Pantene is actually the worst for your actually leaves like a wax in your hair. One hairdresser decided to put it to the test and was actually able to wax her floors with it. No joke! So, most people thing it is all that, but really it isn't!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your pict on FB!


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