Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's About Time! Part 5

So far in our series on Time Management we’ve talked about the first step to take, setting priorities and goals and how to set a manageable schedule, and things that rob us of our time.

We’ve skimmed over a lot of thoughts in this mini-series. Today I’d like to wrap it all up with some random final thoughts to help us on our journey.

1. Don’t put things down, put them away. Ten minutes a day spent looking for lost or misplaced items adds up to over 60 hours a year. Think of all that could be done in 60 hours! Break your procrastination habits in this and other areas: instead of thinking, “I’ll do that later,” stop and do it now!

MaryEllen over at Imperfect Homemaker is on a year-long anti-procrastination journey. She has some great thoughts as to why we procrastinate and what can be done to stop that habit!

2. Set goals, then tell others about your goals so that you’ll be motivated and held accountable. You know I set weekly and monthly goals, which I was inspired to do after reading Crystal’s weekly goals over at Money Saving Mom. Every week, I read others goal in a linky party that is encouraging to us all to get them done!

Amy says in her book, “Any significant change in our life will require patience and sacrifice.” And, might I add, goals - a vision of where we want to be!

3. Time management involves breaking bad habits and developing good ones. It also goes hand in hand with self-discipline. In fact, I am amazed how Crystal’s new book, “21 Days to a More Disciplined Life” ties hand-in-hand with this study on Time Management. Because really, you can know exactly how to manage you time wisely and use each moment to its fullest, but if you lack the self discipline to actually do it, what good is it? As Crystal says, I am the problem, but I am also the only solution.

Beginning tomorrow, November 1st, several gals over at Serving Joyfully are beginning the 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life book and challenging us to do the same. Read about it here...I’d encourage you to join in! This will be a great opportunity for some accountability and encouragement as you work through this fantastic book.

4. Take advantage of small blocks of time...sitting at red lights, waiting for supper to cook, etc. For instance…

    In 5 minutes, you can schedule an appointment, water houseplants, clean one drawer, dust on piece of furniture or the dash of your vehicle, change a diaper, take out the trash, make out your weekly goals list, or write a short note.

    In 10 minutes, you can send a birthday card, organize your desk or a drawer, do a short round of exercises, take freezer or pantry inventory, make out a shopping list, or make a phone call. (Provided you aren’t calling your best friend...that might take longer than 10 minutes. :)

    In 30 minutes, you can sort mail, skim through a magazine, work on a project, catch up on emails or facebook, vacuum and dust one room, or even prep one dish for the freezer.

Be thinking ahead of these small blocks of time you may have, and determine what you will do to fill them!

Checklist for Getting More Done
By Mrs. Joyce Comfort

Always work with a to-do list
Assign priorities and work accordingly
Plan every day before you get into action
Delegate whenever possible
Try to work by time blocks
Avoid or control interruptions
Avoid over-commitment by learning to say, “no.”
Divide big tasks into small segments
Do not be afraid to ask for help
Set up reminder systems

Some books I’d recommend (and have reviewed for this series):

Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews
Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George
Emilie Barnes’ 15 Minute House and Budget Emilie Barnes :)
The brand new 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine

***Note: post contains affiliate links. If you purchase these items using my link, I am given a small compensation, which helps support this blog.

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