Friday, December 14, 2012

They Flock Together

I’m calling this tote, “Birds of a Feather”

birds of a feather

I was asked to make this as a Christmas present for a local lady, but I’m pretty sure she’s not reading here, so I thought I’d share it with you. Because I absolutely lurve it. Which is odd, because I’m not that into roosters, chickens, or partridges, and this bag has ‘em all. Hence the title of this post.

close up of rooster bag

And the turquoise….oh the turquoise.

close up of turquoise

Purple has always been my favourite color. But since turquoise is basically the new black, I’ve been enjoying using it more and more in different areas. Whoever designed this rooster/chicken material was brilliant to include such a rich turquoise color!! I had a blast matching it to line the inside and provide a pleasing pop of color to the outside.

inside of rooster bag

This tote is an example of how fun it can be to take a certain theme that you adore, such as roosters, and tie it into a fun, stylish handbag that you can carry everywhere! I've done a similar idea with horses, and loved the result then, too.

And even though I'm not into roosters, I'd totally carry this one. I love it. Did I mention that??

rooster bag

If you were to carry a fun themed tote, which theme would you choose? Any rooster fans out there?

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