Shop Update: Introducing So Sew Organized and the Booktote!

I am beyond the moon excited to be introducing some new products today, as well as the makeover that has happened in my Etsy shop this month.

Welcome to:

After much {and I mean much} deliberation, I finally settled on a new name for my shop, which I feel reflects the purpose of the shop far better than the old name did. As you may recall, the shop was previously in my name, which makes things kind of boring and monotonous if you as me. {Seriously, who is excited about a shop named nicolerisinger?? BORING!}

I sent out a plea on my Facebook page a couple of times asking for suggestions. In the end, I kind of combined a few of the suggestions to end up with the name “Sew Organized.” After mulling it over, thinking about how it would look on banners and business cards and such, and considering how easy it would be to find/remember for visitors, I decided I liked it.

Then I found out it was unavailable on Etsy. Ahhhhh!!!

At some point in the past, some other brilliant mind had a shop named “Sew Organized.” Even though the shop no longer exists, names are not allowed to be re-used on Etsy. {they explained that it would be sort of like stealing an identity, since that person could re-open the shop some day if they wanted to.}

Soo, to make a long story longer, I finally added the first “so” to the name, hence giving it its own personal twist, and so the shop “So Sew Organized” is born!

I’ve updated my shop policies and made a few other small tweaks, so feel free to browse over there for a while and let me know what you think!

But the most exciting part of today is introducing a totally brand new product to the So Sew Organized shop!!!

I’m calling it the Booktote.


This is my largest tote so far, at approx. 12x14” with a wider 2” bottom. As the name suggests, it is great for books and binders! Piano books and the like fit in here great, too.

Sweet nothings close up
"Sweet Nothings" design

Zoe close up
"Zoe" design

But keeping all of your interests in mind, it also features a matching laptop sleeve!

top shot of sleeves

laptop sleeves

Zoe booktote and sleeve

I have been using one of these great tote/sleeve combos for a couple of weeks now, and I seriously love it. The sleeve keeps computer safe, but I have a handy and lovely way to carry around my computer, planning binder, and any other things I need.

Sweet nothings with stuff inside

There is a handy pocket inside where I keep my camera, flash drive, a pen, etc. Sooo perfect for blogging!

There is one aspect of these fabulous new totes that scares me. Just being honest here folks.

It is this:

I’m deathly afraid that one of y’all is going to order this fun tote/computer sleeve combo and it arrives at your door and your computer doesn’t fit inside the sleeve.

Cue the whomp, whomp, right? Seriously, I’m uber close to have nightmares about it. So I’ve done boatloads of research about different computer sizes. Picture me with a dozen tabs open to things like “Laptop Buyer’s Guide” and “Comparison of Macintosh Models.” I wish I had one of every kind of computer out there to try them out in this thing, but of course I don’t.

So, I measured and compared and measured some more, and then tried fitting a bunch of different objects inside, just to be sure.

My laptop is 11¼x9”, but it is thicker than most with a whole 1¼” depth {it is a dinosaur, what can I say?} which takes up more room in a sleeve like this. However, it fits nicely with room to spare.

Sweet nothings sleeve with laptop

I grabbed the largest book on my bookshelf, and that fits inside perfect as well. It fills the sleeve the long way, but has some extra room width-wise. The book measures 8½x12x1”.

book in sleeve

I even stuck my planning binder in here, haha! It fit, but quite snugly all the way around. This is a ½” binder that measures 11½ x10”.

binder in sleeve

So, what I have come up with is this: This computer sleeve will fit computers/tablets with a 13” screen and smaller. A 15” or larger will not fit, if my calculations are correct. This size should also include tablets with a 9-11” screen. They will be all comfy in there with room to grow. Haha.

two sleeves open
{Just love the coordinating insides!!}
As with any items in my shop, the quantities are limited, so hurry over and snag one while they are still available!

If you are thinking about purchasing one of these great combos, but have ill-fitting-computer fears like I do, just shoot me a message with the dimensions of your laptop and I’ll let you know. I’ll measure every book in the house if I have to. =)

I know there are even smaller guys {and gals} out there, those itty bitty notebooks and smaller tablets, that would get lost in a sleeve this big, but never fear - I’ll have a word with the designer at So Sew Organized and see if she can’t arrange something in the near future. {wink!}

Creating new items such as these is always so exciting, and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you! I have more new items to come in the {near} future, which gives me all these butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I just love sewing and creating!

I'd love to hear what you think of these new items! =)


  1. Love the laptop sleeves! I was just thinking how much I like the plum/turquoise one...but I have a 15 inch laptop. :( Sad.

    1. It looks like I may be making some 15" ones soon, by popular demand. :) I don't have any more of that same fabric but I'd be happy to find something else for you! (And I haven't forgotten that you like pink and brown...I just have never found any pink/brown fabric I like!)

  2. birthday is coming June....hint, hint...LOL


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