Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gifts and Goals for the Week, February 19, 2013


I’m back after an unexpected, extended blogging “vacation.” Last week we took an unexpected hop, skip, and jump over to Maine for a funeral {more on that later} and then Sunday I got snowed in with my pastor’s family for the night. {also more on that later} I’m finally home, and soooo hoping to spend more than one night in my own bed! Traveling is fun, visiting is fun, and I love spending time with my family in Maine, but there is still just nothing quite like home. :)

Being gone, especially on super short notice, leaves me with a whole lot to do. Or a whole lot I think I should do. :) We had to bump our Valentines banquet ahead a week, so I’m preparing for that this week, as well as trying to catch up on some of my other goals for this month.

I’ve filled all 10 of my slots for goals this week:

Continue reading “Julie” by Catherine Marshall and “The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor” by Dr. And Mrs. Howard Taylor

Get up by 8:15 each morning

Decorate and set up for the Valentines banquet

Write one letter to a friend

Work on purging one box of stuff in storage

Memorize 3 verses

Hem curtain for church

Finish one new shop item

Begin reading “Salvation” by Earl D. Radmacher {as a kind of observance of Lent - more on that...you guessed it….later. ;) }

Practice piano arrangements in preparation for a funeral next weekend. {so many funerals lately!! :( }

I’m going to try hard to check as many of these things off the list as I can! What sorts of things are you working on this week? Anyone else have a busy few days ahead?

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