How to Fold a Fitted Sheet {Yes, you can do it!}

There is a sign floating around somewhere on the internet that says, “Life is too short to fold fitted sheets.” It makes me laugh every time I see it, because I don’t mind folding fitted sheets, and neither does it take very much time! Yes, I am that person...the one that folds the contents of her sock drawer. I can’t help myself. :)

How would you like to be that person too?? I hope you do, because today I’m going to show you how to conquer the seemingly impossible task!

We’re going to take a double sheet from this:

To this:

We all know what the problem area is with those dreaded fitted sheets...the “round” corners that make it impossible for the sheet to lay flat and folded! Or do they??

Actually, it is possible to get that fitted sheet to lay down nicely, and it is no harder than folding the flat sheet...promise! Just make sure you have a flat surface, like a bed or table, to help you...that is key!

Just start by finding the two corners at the top of the sheet (where your head would lay if they were on the bed.) For this demonstration I used a pair of striped sheets, which makes it easier to know which way they go.

Once you’ve found the two top corners, stick your hand in the rounded part of the corner so you are looking at them inside out. That is important, the corners need to be inside out at this point.

Stick your pointer finger right into the “corner” of that sheet...where the seam comes together to make it fit over your bed.

Now, touch your fingers together so those two corners are touching.

Turn one side over the other so that now both corners are laying together with the back sides together. You should now be looking at one corner right side out.

Straighten out the rest of this end of the sheet so it is laying together. Now repeat those steps with the bottom two corners of the sheet. You should now have a fitted sheet folded in half the “long way.”

Repeat these steps to fold the sheet in half the other way. Now all four of the corners should be laying together nicely. Lay it out on your bed or table and straighten the sheet out so it is all laying nice and square. Here is what mine looks like at this point:

Here is a close-up of what I did with the rounded corner part:

As long as you have those four rounded corners all laying together nicely, this part is not hard. It practically lays down by itself. Just fold over the edges of the sheet to help it all lay down good.

The rest is a cake-walk. Fold it in thirds:

Then fold that in half.

That is it! Your fitted sheet is now folded nice and flat and square, perfect for stacking on a shelf in your linen closet!

Now you’ll want your flat sheet to lay the same, so here is a quick run-down on the best way to fold that flat sheet:

Start by folding it the “long way.” {Aka, find the top of the sheet (the wider hem) and fold those two corners together.} This makes a nice crease right down the center of the entire sheet, which you can then use to center the sheet on the bed when you make it.

Now fold it in half the other way as well.

Throughout this whole process, you want to know where that wider hem at the top of the sheet is. In the end, that should come out on the top of your folded sheet.

Now fold the sheet in half again, bringing the bottom up to meet the top, where that wide hem is.

Fold it in thirds:

Fold this in half (bringing the bottom up to meet the top again) and you’re done!

See how that wide hem at the top of the sheet is nicely visible? I think that not only gives a nice crisp look, but it also helps out when you put this sheet on the bed. You won’t have to rummage around wondering, ‘which way is the top?’ It is right there ready for ya!

Now your sheets are nicely, quickly folded, and ready to be used!

You can either stack these in your linen closet or another shelf, pop them in some pretty baskets, or store the sheets inside their pillowcases to keep everything together. Whatever way you decide to do it, having them nicely folded makes a huge difference! It also helps them be less wrinkled when it is time to use them.

So tell me, what is your take on folding sheets? Are you a fold-everything type of person? Do you feel better able to conquer your linen closet, now that you know it is really simple and easy? I do! Happy folding! :)

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  1. I love this! I fold my fitted sheets, too. My mom always did. =) I never have gotten them quite as flat as your tutorial shows...and your way looks just a tad easier (not that I ever had much problem). I also used to iron pillowcases (another throw-back from growing up). Not so much these days, though, lol.

    1. Joyce Comfort, the founders wife at Ambassador Baptist College, taught us to iron our pillowcases, especially for guests. I use fleece sheets on my own bed, so no ironing necessary. :)


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