Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Isaiah

One of the things I love about the internet is the ability to share powerful stories, needs of others, and exciting opportunities at the click of a button. Today, I’d like to share a story that fits all of these categories… and provide YOU with the opportunity to make a difference!

There is a 13-year-old lad that lives in our rental house in North Carolina. His name is Isaiah.

Several weeks ago, Isaiah was playing innocently with his friends. They were playing hide-and-seek. Isaiah was climbing a tree, and fell out.

After several weeks in the hospital, he is soon being released - in a wheelchair. He is permanently crippled from the waist down as a result of this accident.

Accident? Or...plan of God? Ever since this event took place, Isaiah has used his circumstances to point others to Christ.

Even while he was being taken to the hospital in the ambulance, he pointed and told the paramedics, “I go to church down that road. Do you go to church anywhere?” He has looked for every opportunity possible to use this situation to point others to Christ.

And his story has had a huge impact in the community. One family, on their way to visit him in the hospital, stopped at a steak house to pick him up a steak dinner. When the owner of the restaurant heard who it was for, he gave it to him free...and promised him another when he was out of the hospital.

This kind of giving and sacrifice has been seen again and again by the people of Shelby, North Carolina...and now, YOU have the opportunity to give to Isaiah and his family as well!

The expenses that have come as a result of this accident have been overwhelming, I’m sure. Isaiah’s life and the life of his family was completely changed in one moment of time. They have had to move from the mobile home they lived in to a wheel-chair-accessible home. (We’re honored to be a part of this!) There are, I’m sure, doctor’s and hospital bills to pay. Besides being mentally and physically overwhelmed, I am sure there is a monetary sense of being overwhelmed as well.

A group of people who are set up to be of assistance to Isaiah’s family through all of these changes have organized a spaghetti dinner as a fundraiser. This money will specifically be going towards the purchase of a wheel-chair accessible van for Isaiah’s family. Tickets are $10 per person. The great news is, you can purchase a ticket to help the family out, even if you do not live in the area and cannot attend the supper. What an easy way to show God’s love to a family in need at this time!

For those of you in the Shelby, NC area, I’d encourage you to purchase your tickets and attend the event, which will be April 6th at the LeGrand Center in Shelby from 11am to 7pm. The monetary support is greatly needed...but the physical support of your  presence will bless the family beyond measure!

You can like the Project Isaiah page on Facebook to learn how to purchase your tickets and support this family. To learn more about Isaiah and how his general health is progressing, you can read his Caring Bridge site.

Thank YOU for what you can contribute to this family!!

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