Tuesday, April 09, 2013

March Hot Happenings

It is that time...to take a look back and review what March looked like at our house!

Unless you live with us, you can not understand how hysterical Judah is these days.

Our little "orphan" haha! He loves to wear hats...and put them on himself.
He is now 16 months old, and is developing more of a personality all the time.

He knows a lot of animal sounds, and is obsessed with recognizing animals everywhere we go.

Here he is showing how old he is....one...but with both hands. :) These picts were taken on Easter.

In other family news...I have no news. Haha! March was a busy but quiet month, with not many picture-worthy or headline breaking happenings. So just enjoy these picts, and maybe April will be more exciting???

Just for fun, I read David Ovason’s The Secret Symbols of the Dollar Bill. I say “just for fun” because I don’t believe in magic, numerology, or mysterious symbols. But there was a lot of historical facts about the US Dollar Bill that made this an interesting book. Even if the “magic” is bogus, the meaningful symbols and the thought and planning that went into the making of our current dollar bill was amazing. I don’t know if you’ve taken the time to examine it closely, but it is so. detailed. I read this book with a dollar bill as my bookmark just so I could take the time to study each tiny aspect.

I also had this thought...during the last 10 or so years, many of the bills in the US currency have gone through changes...such as the coloring of the $10, the large purple number on the $5, etc. But to my knowledge, the $1 hasn’t changed! Interesting!

Another book I read this month was Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. This was a re-read, but it is just as good the second time around! I am always amazed at the way Emily has jumped in my head, taken my jumbled thoughts that I can’t even understand, and put them into words that make sense. How did she do that? {wink!} In all sincerity, I feel that this book is a must-read for every “good girl” - the average Christian girl who is trying to do life the right way. Grace for the Good Girl will open your eyes to the futility of living behind a mask and challenge you to be the girl God intended for you to be!

The third book I read was One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. This is my first time reading it, but oh, it was so worth the wait. I’ve shared in the newsletter today a little bit of how this book has changed me and my thinking, so I’ll not re-hash it here. {you can sign up for the newsletter to read it for yourself...just scroll up and enter your email in the right sidebar!}

I’d challenge each of you to get and read this inspiring book, if you haven’t already. One Thousand Gifts opens your eyes to the life of thanks and praise that  God intends for us to live...and explains how to practically life that out in every day life. Ann Voskamp’s writing style is unique, but once I “got it” I really believe that it adds to the book in a tremendous way. {Seriously, where did a farming-homeschooling-mom learn that many big words??}

At mealtimes we are enjoying reading through the Grandma's Attic Series. We are currently in the book At Home In North Branch and it has been so fun to read through the exploits of Mabel and Sarah Jane as they've grown up and married! These are great books for younger girls, making these a must-read in our home!

Here is a round-up of what went on in the blogging world during the month of March:

I got tired of being sick all winter...and began using these natural remedies to try to help. I believe they have helped! I'm feeling much better now than I did for the last two winters!

Easter happened in March this year...here is how I celebrated that important holiday!

Shop update for the month: these uber cute tablet sleeves! The smaller size has been the most popular so far..what size tablet or eReader do you own?

I started a series of simple sewing tutorials geared toward the person trying to master their sewing machine for the first time. I showed how to make a simple potholder or coaster, shared the tools necessary for your sewing kit, and the resources I use to learn new things. Where are you on your journey to becoming a better seamstress?

A popular post this month was How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. Yes, it is possible, and no, it is not hard! Try it for yourself!

And exciting new addition to the blog {that I've been dreaming about for a while!} was the addition of a weekly newsletter! Be the first to here about shop discounts, updates, thoughts from my heart, and receive free stuff! Sounds good, right? You can sign up at the top right of my sidebar!

Here is how I quickly and efficiently clean the gross-est room in the entire house. A weird, but helpful post, judging by the comments! :)

Our March Home Improvement Party was fun! Go check out the links for some great inspiration!

That about covers the whole month of March...now I'd like to hear what you've been up to! Any big updates in your family? Are you trying new things? What are you currently reading? 


  1. Thanks for the photos and update! Sure hope we get to meet Judah before he's completely grown up! Looks like he's a lot of fun!

    1. Ditto what you said, only about Mahalia!! When you come on furlough, you'll have to come up here for meetings. :)


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