Dresser Vignette

I shared with you yesterday how I decided to be intentional with creating an inspirational, but functional work space. This room is my bedroom, office, shop and sewing room all rolled into one, so it needs to be a space that I want to be in...a lot! Things were starting to feel old and cluttered, so I knew a change was needed.

It has been a few weeks that I have been planning out this dresser vignette. Yesterday’s post showed you some of the inspiration I drew from as I pondered how to put this arrangement together. It was fun - a whole lot of trial and error as I tried different items different ways. I’m in love with the end result!

I took my dresser from this:

To this!

Ok, so one corner has to hold the phone for our upstairs level, so to balance that out I put my candle warmer and candle in the other corner. Not the most beautiful elements of this space, but I tried to work with what I had. So let’s ignore those two items and focus on the lovely vignette!

The focal point is this beautiful art that a friend bought me for my birthday last year. I am thinking this is just the best way to display it!

Flanking that art to the right I stacked up a collection of vintage books that were similar in color. They are kind of drab, but add a certain texture and feel that I love!

The two ceramic bowls were thrift store finds - 25 cents each, I believe. They are just the pop of color that is needed!

I deposit my watch and jewelry into one at the end of the day, and the other is full of hazelnut truffles. {Seriously, who knew they made those things? Uh-mazing}

To finish off this area, I picked up the $3 bud vase at Wally World, and popped in a single daffodil from our yard.

To the left I wanted to continue to use this great vase and stand, but I wasn’t sure what to fill it with...until I discovered this fantastic stuff at the dollar store.

It is the same substance as those foam bricks that are used to make flower arrangements - only this is in a powder form instead of a brick. It came in all kinds of colors, but this deep purple was calling me. I just popped a creamy candle in there, and love it!

Just a note: that foam vase filler is very flammable, so I will not actually be lighting this candle, it is solely for decorative purposes. :) Just a tidbit if you want to use it yourself.

I filled a white ceramic square bowl with small spools of thread {the kind found at the Dollar store for like $1 for 100} and popped a vintage-looking tin from my collection beside it all.

The finished vignette again:

The top of this dresser is rough. It needs to be refinished, and I’d love to tackle that project sometime. But for now, I just decided to let that rough look work with the decor, and I’m pretty pleased with the whole result.

So that is how my dresser vignette evolved from a blank space to a lovely and inspiring space. Drawing from my inspiration pictures, I simply moved things around until they felt right, while layering in different textures and a little bit of color to complete everything. It wasn’t a super technical, fancy process, just a conglomeration of things I loved.

So there it is, a happy area that continues to make me smile as I work! I’m anxious to tackle some other elements of the room throughout the summer, and I’m sure I’ll love those just as much.

Have you intentionally put together vignettes or mantles before? Don’t you just love the process? What are some spaces or items that inspire you?

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