No Goals, but Many Gifts!

I'm in Maine this week, before going to Oregon for about 10 days. So exciting! I'm thrilled to be taking a little time "off," visiting family, and taking a cross country trip. I just love traveling!

Oh, and when I got to Maine, look what was greeting me...

I shared this on my 1,000 Gifts picture series on Facebook, but I can't resist sharing it here too!

My Grammie told me I could pick some and put them in my room, and boy do they smell lovely! I just adore lilacs, they are my favourite flower, and now when they are just opening up they smell so sweet.

I had an interesting, blessed, hectic weekend. Sounds interesting, right?! I'd love to briefly share it with you, because God did some exciting things!

We were supposed to leave for Moncton, NB on Friday. Supposed to. I woke up Friday morning, preparing to leave, when I was informed we wouldn't be going anywhere...half my family had come down with the flu!!

There was a time when that type of news would have really disappointed me and really messed up my day. But I've learned to have a bit of a different perspective, knowing that God is in control of all of these unforseen events!

So, instead of getting bent out of shape about it...I went shopping. Therapy, right? :) I had a nice relaxing day, just in a different location then I had intended.

I was able to get to New Brunswick the next day, and got to take part in some evangelistic meetings with some friends and mentors of mine. I had a great time. It has been a while since I've been able to attend meetings like this, and it was so nice to just sit and soak in that spiritually encouraging atmosphere! And to listen to someone else play the piano...what a treat! :)

Although I didn't know any of the church people, there were some very exciting spiritual decisions made, including some salvation decisions. That always makes for an exciting day! It is so excited to see our God work!

So that is the update on my weekend...I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks being fun and exciting as well! I'm not setting goals this week, just taking the time to enjoy family and get ready for our trip on Saturday. Fun, fun times! =)

What exciting things are you doing this week? Are you setting goals?


  1. Are you flying to OR?? Sounds like a wonderful 'vacation'.


    1. Yes, we are flying. I'm excited, I LOVE to fly. :) Thanks for the comment! =)


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