Friday, June 21, 2013

An Organized Washroom Cabinet

It has been a very full week of ministry for us. Not exactly a fun week - a week with 3 deaths, 2 hospitalizations, and a wrecked vehicle isn't my idea of a good time! Despite our crazy week, I did manage to sneak in this quick organizing project...somewhat out of necessity!

You may remember how blessed I was with BOATLOADS of personal care items for my birthday. I still needed a place to store all of those items, so I emptied and re-organized this cabinet in our washroom to make room for it all!

Here are the befores: the bottom cabinet...

And the top...they are in a narrow space, so pardon the poor pictures!

While they look like they were already full, there was actually lots of unused space in the back. Things were hard to get to back there, because of all the clutter in the front!

And if you think you see food in that bottom are right! We are very limited on cabinet space in the kitchen, so some bulk items get stashed in here. These are mostly things we stock up on when we go to the States, that we can't get in Canada.

I emptied everything out, wiped down the shelves, threw away empty boxes and packages, and grouped like items together. Behold the "after:"

Bottom cabinet after

Top cabinet after!
It still looks very full, but there is a lot more stored in that cabinet now than before! Plus there is still space if we stock up on some other items in the future.

I made sure to utilize containers to store like things together. This not only helps keep things orderly, but it also helps access the items in the back of the cabinet. Now all you have to do is pull out a basket to reach to the back!

The little girls each got their own heart-shaped basket to store their own personal care items in. One of them especially is keen on having her own beauty items...this helps them to know whose is whose!

I had a few of these baskets on hand, and picked up a couple more at our dollar store. The whole project cost me $4!

So there is my quickie organizing project for this week...I'm loving the difference it has made! Now that my personal care items are stored in here, I have a big empty space in my bedroom to work fun! :)

Have you been working on any organizing lately? What projects have made a difference in your space?

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