Saturday, July 13, 2013

So Organized: Bookshelves {again!}

You know me - I love a good organizing project! I’m coming to realize as I tackle more and more areas that you can’t just organize a space and be done with it. No, that space takes maintenance and occasionally some re-evaluation. Nothing wrong with that!

So recently I re-tackled a neglected area...these bookshelves in my room.

I had fixed them up nicely before, and even gone the extra mile to make them pretty...but the system had stopped working. I have since gotten new books, my needs have changed for the space, and my siblings have borrowed from these shelves several times over. :) A slight change and re-evaluation was in order!

In order to fit all my books in, I put double rows on some shelves with cereal boxes as props in the back row. You can see how I prettied up the boxes here. I love this system, but the boxes had a little problem…

There was just a lot of general messiness in this space! I had allowed it to become a catch-all, which is a very bad habit, I know. I need to be better about finding a place for a new item as soon as I get it. Any tips for me in that area? How do you make that a reality?

I took everything off the shelves and got to work. I finally decided to jump on the organize-by-color train. I have never been sure if I would like it that way, but so far I’m pretty happy with it!

The only areas that I didn’t use this method were on the kids books. For one thing, these are mostly in sets or series, so I figure those need to stay together. Plus my siblings use these books the most, and I KNOW they wouldn’t keep them that organized. :) There were also some larger books that only fit on the one tall shelf, so those had to stay there.

I decided to take advantage of the top of the shelf and put a row of books there along side of the little caddy that sits there. I had tried previously to keep this space more open, just because the open surface seemed to make the room feel less cluttered. The problem was, I always let it get cluttered with things :( so I decided I might as well put some books there instead! Plus it makes a nice backdrop for my kleenex. Or something like that.

Also on the top are my sewing and craft books. And the button jar.

Recently in a blog comment someone mentioned that the “experts” say a correctly styled bookshelf should be one third books, one third knick-knacks, and one third white space. In theory, that works very well, and I definitely wish I had the space to make that a reality. But I have too many books. :) I think that is a good problem to have! So instead, I let the books be the backdrop and I style a little in front of them.

My huge Jane Austen volume didn’t fit in the “green” section, so I used it to prop up this picture instead. I really love the beauty of the cover of that book anyway, so I’m glad it is front and center!

Below is a cloth bin that is holding some flip flops and sandals in easy reach.

A few birthday cards that I wanted to keep are hanging out on one shelf. I’m on the lookout for something to put them in that will add to the decor. I’m not one for sentimentality, but there were a handful this year that were really special to me that I didn’t want to just toss!

My various vintage-inspired tins make great bookends! Oh, and those boxes I use as props? I just popped a smaller box inside the larger, paper covered one, and that solved the caving-in issue! {If you are using a cereal box, a cracker box is about the perfect size!}

A final before:

...and after....

So far it is looking pretty good...and it always feels so great to have this area organized. It just makes the whole room feel so much better! I’d love some tips on how to keep it that way!

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  1. I keep stuff organized by putting it right back where it goes when I'm done with it and also by doing a weekly "dusting" and straightening up/getting rid of clutter.

    1. Great tips!! I'm generally pretty good at putting things where they go...its when I get a new item or some new project going or something that things get scary. A weekly clean up would help! Thanks for the tips! =)

  2. Smart idea to make the back of the double row of books taller! Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Linky Party!


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