Monday, July 29, 2013

Some Life Updates, July 29, 2013

I’m not setting goals this’ll hear why in a second. Today I’d just like to share some life updates, so cue the random music!

First of all, I stopped on the side of the road to snap these pictures last night. This is the scenery I "put up with" each week on my hour-long ride home from church.

I absolutely love the beauty of that drive each week, and there are so many picture-perfect moments, but this sunset was one of the most beautiful. The entire sky was dark with clouds except for that one place on the pretty!

But enough of the weather.

We had a great week at VBS last week! Did you catch any of my FB pictures? It was a challenging, tiring week, but we had one boy saved on Thursday night! He came back to church Sunday along with a neighbor, so we are thankful for the Lord’s working in those lives.

This week, our family is heading to Family Camp. We’ve never been to a family camp at this particular camp before, and we’ve never been as a family of 8, so it might be an interesting week! I’m looking forward to seeing some friends and hopefully having time for real-life chats. :)

If you are wondering about So Sew Organized during that time, here is the deal...I’m going to keep the shop open for those few days I’m gone, just simply be aware that orders will take longer to ship. Thanks for understanding! I hope you will take the time to browse the goodies over there anyway, and perhaps share them with your friends!

I’m sending more shop news via the newsletter today, so sign up for that in the right sidebar if you’d like to stay informed!

In keeping with the randomness, let me hear what random thing is going on for you this week! Exciting summer activities? Sewing projects? Life updates? What you ate for breakfast? Let's keep it random here today, folks! =)

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