Friday, August 30, 2013

Balancing Rock + Brier Island

It has been quite a while since I've shared a sightseeing post from here in Nova Scotia. Ready to see some Canadian beauty?

Recently we took a last-minute day trip to some nearby islands. These islands are across from the mainland where we live, so while we look over at them all day, we don't actually visit them very often! The scenery is so beautiful, I couldn't resist taking waaaay too many pictures to share with you all! Nova Scotia has so much varied scenery - rocky coast, sandy beaches, forests, etc. - that each place is beautiful and unique. This day was a bit foggy at first, but it cleared off for the most part in the afternoon.

We drove down the peninsula first, Digby Neck, and then took a fun little ferry over to Long Island. Our first stop was Balancing Rock.

This rock is a neat place to hike to on the coast. It is not a long walk, but it has a wholelotta steps to get down to it!

Rumor has it that once someone got concerned that this rock was going to fall on someone, so they tried to pull it into the water with at least 2 cranes. They couldn't budge it. So even though it looks like it is about to topple over, it really isn't!

Of course, that makes for some really fun photo shoots.

After the boys got done trying to prove their manhood, we traveled on down the island, across another small ferry, and over to Brier Island, the last in this string of islands. We drove to the tippy tip, where there is a small coast guard station and a lighthouse.

See the fog out in the distance? That is the fun thing about these lighthouses...they are still being used! Now there are foghorns as well, but the light in these lighthouses is also important for the fishermen.

We followed a foot path that took us down the edge of the ocean. Is it just me, or is the coast one of the most beautiful places on earth? I thought so.

We walked all the way out to this point of rock. Grammie, don't watch.

From this farthest point, we could watch these rocks. The tide was coming in around them, but do you see those silvery things resting on the rocks?

They are great big seals!

I couldn't zoom in any closer than that unfortunately, but these seals were HUGE and were making this loud, bellowing sound. It sounded like a cross between a mourner's wail and the track from a haunted house. We could hear it loud and clear as we watched these big guys fight for a space on the warm rock. As the tide came in, more and more of them just swam out to the ocean. It was so fun to watch!

The last thing we did before heading home was to drive to the other side of the island. Neither of these islands are very big, in case you hadn't figured that out, so it was easy to drive around and take in the whole island.

Much like when we visit Lockeport, I absolutely loved being on this island. I love the small-town feel of it. I love all the water. Water, water, everywhere. And boats. And a nice mix of sunshine and fog.

That is a recap of our day! Sun, fog, and beautiful scenery. Have you ever been sightseeing in Nova Scotia? How about to an island? Don't you just love islands?

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