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2013 Goals: August Update

When I decided to publish my goals for the year 2013, one thing I was looking forward to was the accountability I would receive from my readers! To keep myself on track, and let you know the areas I've been working on, I'm posting an update today from the month of August. I'd love to hear how you are progressing with your goals for 2013, whether you set several or even just one!

Spiritual goals: {this is the most important area for me!}

Draw closer to and be more like my Saviour. I know this sounds vague and non-specific, but at the end of 2013, I want to be able to say that my relationship with Christ has deepened over the year. If I accomplish nothing else all year but this, 2013 will be worth it!

      **Ongoing goal

Finish memorizing Philippians. I have the first chapter completely down, and half of the second. I need to be more intentional about plugging away at this!

      **I've finished chapter three - anxious to start 4 next week! The end is finally in sight!

Memorize one other book {or a section of 6 other chapters} from the Bible. After I finish Philippians. :)

Continue to record my 1,000 gifts.

      **Ongoing goal.

Read through the Bible twice. This takes a bit of explanation. I have read through the Bible once in a year before. This year I decided to try it twice. I heard recently that reading through the Bible in one year only takes 11 minutes a day. So in less than a half an hour a day I should be able to read through it twice! All I am doing is reading 6 chapters of the Old Testament and 2 of the New Testament each day, in addition to a more in-depth Bible study. I think doing this will deepen my knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and make me even more familiar with it as a whole!

      **I’m currently in my second time through - II Samuel in the Old Testament and Acts in the New!

Personal goals:

Purge and consolidate things in storage. Seems like I do this each year, but I am continually dissatisfied with how much stuff I have sitting in the attic untouched. If I don’t use it year after year, why do I hang on to it? I’d like to set aside a small amount of keepsake items and toss/donate the rest.

      **I haven’t worked on this during the summer, but am planning to pick it up this month.

Read 36 books. I easily read 2 books a month last year, so how about 3 this year? I also kind of dropped off the Booksneeze bandwagon, so I’m going to start doing those more as well.

      **I have finished a few books over the last few weeks.

Work on being a better correspondent. I think I improved in this area last year, but I still could do so much better. I’ve enjoyed hearing from some of my readers over the last few months as well, thanks guys! I’m also thinking about going back to some pen-and-ink corresponding - living life on the edge, I know - so we’ll see what I actually accomplish there.

      **Seeing improvement! I’ve actually sent a few hand-written notes as well, which was the goal.

Make daily exercise a habit. I had a good thing going for a while, but didn’t keep it up. Still trying to figure out the best way to make this work for me - you know I’ll keep you posted!

      **This is definitely “meh” right now. I’ve walked off and on through the summer, but am no where near the “daily” mark I was shooting for.

Make music practice a habit and priority. Confession: I never practice piano. Right now in this season of life there is nothing I need to practice for - which is truthfully kind of nice - but I still could stand to improve and be stretching myself further. I also have a violin and guitar that sit untouched, that I would really love to pick back up. Vocal practice wouldn’t hurt me either. So there is plenty I could be doing - I just have to figure out a system that fits in with our noisy schedule. :) {With 3 others practicing piano, plus practicing for church specials and a baby that takes naps, I’m not sure how this is going to work, but we’ll see!}

      **I’ve been practicing piano regularly each week.

Continue to work on rising early. The Christmas season threw me for a loop...need to get back on track with this! I’d love to be able to call myself an “early riser” by the end of 2013!

      **Seeing progress!!

Start a journal and write regularly. I’d love to do better about recording life happenings, plus I think this would improve my general writing approach as well.

      **Ahhh, started this and am loving it. It has turned into a daily life/spiritual journal, and I am finding tidbits to record on a regular basis. You can read some of my thoughts on journaling here.

Blog and Shop goals:

Continue to blog 5 days a week. Some weeks it is more or less, depending on what is going on, but on a consistent basis 5 posts a week seems to work well for me and this blog’s community.

      **Some weeks don't get 5 posts, but I'm just kind of rolling with whatever I have time for.

Have monthly planning sessions with myself to think and plan ahead. I continually find myself not adequately prepared to blog about a certain holiday or event...I need to take the time to sit down and see what is coming up in the near future. {hello valentines day}

      **I have regular planning sessions, but I need to be more intentional about actually sitting down and mapping things out, not just thinking through things.

List new shop items once a month. I have some fun, new things planned for the shop, so stay tuned!

      **My newest items are these matching totes for mommas and their little ones! So fun!

Post some new blog features and grow this online community...I have specific goals set in these areas, but don’t want to be a total spoil-sport. :)

      **One new feature this year has been a weekly newsletter that shares upcoming events, blog news, and lets you in on shop updates and sales. You can sign up by entering your email addy in the form at the top of my right sidebar! So far this newsletter has been a great way for me to further connect with you lovely readers! 

      **One thing I've been really trying to work on and improve lately has been building community. Any thoughts on how you'd like to see this done?

Write out {and share} my blog purpose statement. I’ve been pondering, “why do I blog” for some time now...and feel ready to actually map out my purpose behind blogging and where I hope this blog will {and won’t} go. In the meantime, I’d love to hear why you read this blog...what do you enjoy most...what would you like to see more of? Thanks, your feedback would be much appreciated!

      **Haven't shared this yet

Have you set any goals - big or small - for 2013? I'd love to hear about them! Thanks for helping me out on this journey! 

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