Monday, May 25, 2015

Visiting North Carolina Picture Edition

Recently I had the fantastic opportunity to take a trip to NC for my sister's college graduation! It had been 4 very long years since I had been there, and I had a fabulous time visiting old friends and getting re-adjusted to southern ways. :)

After living there for 5 years, there was lots of things I loved about the South that I had forgotten! Such as:

1. The heat
2. The beautiful, lush landscapes and flowering trees
3. The fun accent
4. Beautiful homes and landscapes
5. The heat..did I mention that already? (wink!)

Here is a recap of the week in pictures. I am a horrible blogger and missed so many great photos, but here are some fun ones I did get!

The cute little car I rented while I was there!

<3 This girl!

My first time EVER not being on the platform for this type of thing...I rather enjoyed being able to just listen!

This guy. I am SO GLAD I finally got to meet him and enjoy his adorableness!

Loved this beautiful I creepily took a picture of it! (wink!)

Thankful for this opportunity and the way the Lord worked out the details for me to spend time with several friends. Can't wait to do it again!

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