Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School Pencil Pouches

Check out the cute pencil pouches in the So Sew Organized shop...a popular item right now!

I offered these last year as well, so there are a limited number available...and some have already been selling out this year already!

Chandeliers, slim style

Each pouch has two fun vintage-meets-chic fabrics. I can't pick a favourite! They also come in either a slim or boxed style.

Clocks, slim style

Vintage TV's, boxed style

And even though I designed them with the right proportions to be a pencil pouch, these would be great for organizing lots of things - makeup, sewing supplies, nail files and name it!

Pink streamers, boxed style

Vintage records, slim style...this is our most popular pouch!

Quantities and styles are limited so reserve yours today. Once they are gone, they are gone!

Which is your favourite, and what would you organize inside? Who do you know that would love one of these?


  1. I love these pencil pouches. They are so cute. My daughter is already in bed because her first day of school starts tomorrow but I will be showing these to her tomorrow when she gets home!!

    1. Great! I hope she sees one she loves! =)


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