Thursday, August 20, 2015

Criss Naturals Body Butter Review

In the past few months I've been on a mission to discover and try some healthier options in my day-to-day routines. I have slowly been switching a lot of my personal care items to more natural options with less chemicals. I have seen great results and found some great products along the way! (Aaaand I know...I owe you an update post. Soon!)

As part of this healthier journey I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review a fantastic product by a new company - Criss Naturals body butter! My interest was piqued as soon as I saw the word "natural" in the company name. :)

Criss naturals
Here is a little bit about this new company...

During the summer of 2013, Kristin found out about a number of food and chemical allergies that significantly changed her lifestyle. While traveling extensively for work, she realized that high-end body products in hotels throughout the world contained many more ingredients and chemicals than one would expect. But the natural products currently on the market were either too greasy or not moisturizing enough. So she decided to make her own. A friend encouraged Kristin to begin offering her products to others who perhaps had similar skin concerns and who would also want all-natural skin care. She then spent another year researching and making formula after formula, blending ingredients suitable for dry, sensitive, and problematic skin, as well as essential oils and extracts that reminded her of the cities where she had traveled.

Criss Naturals products are the unique combination of those all natural ingredients and oils.

Each product in the Criss Naturals store has all natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. I was able to try the "Paris" body butter which is a nice blend of natural oils, shea butter and essential oils. I really appreciate that this body butter...

          ....has a short list of ingredients, all of which I recognize
          ....uses all natural ingredients
          ....uses essential oils, something I am trying to learn more about and work into my daily routine
          ....provides a better, healthier option than much of what you would find in the store!

Because it is primarily a blend of oils, this body butter, obviously, has an oily texture. Because of that a little goes a LONG way! I was pleased to find that even though it goes on oily, it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave me looking shiny. :) I have applied it even in the middle of the day with no issues.

 I asked them to send me whatever sample they had available, and Alli picked "Paris," which was PERFECT! Kristen blends her scents to mimic the smells of different countries she has visited, so that the smell of each brings back pleasant memories. Paris is one place I have always wanted to visit, so this scent was perfect for me! It is a blend of lavender and vanilla and smells amazing. I also appreciated the hand-written note that accompanied my sample.

You can see the complete list of products and purchase your own here at the Criss Naturals website. To stay up to date with new products and get insightful info about this company and the ingredients they use, follow their Facebook page. I am excited to see what other great products are in store at Criss Naturals, and hope you will try these products out for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of Criss Naturals body butter for review. All opinions about this product are my own. You know I would only recommend products that I love and that will improve your daily routines!


  1. i was excited when i looked this over - i have a LOT of allergies too - this may work for me :D

  2. Sometimes I shy away from products like this because my skin can get overly oily. I'm glad that you had good results though and that you said it didn't leave you feeling shiny. Sounds like a great product!

    1. I have that problem too. People always told me that coconut oil was great for the skin and "absorbed so well"...ha! It doesn't hardly absorb at all for me! So I was pleasantly surprised that this was not like has other oils that do, apparently, absorb better! Thanks for commenting! =)


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