Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesdays: #1 Money Saving Tip

As part of my Cooking and Saving for One series, I'd like to share with you my #1 tip for saving money as a single gal.

This one tip has helped me SO much over the years! It is radical and strange, but it has given me a totally different approach to both shopping and saving. It isn't always easy, but worth it in the long run!

Ready for the tip?

Just don't spend.

It is a no-brainer, really. The less I spend the more I save. It seems so simple, but really it requires an evaluation of your spending and a bit of a change in your thinking when you go to the store.

I'm not against buying myself a treat or a splurge purchase once in a while...in fact I even have a small amount of my weekly budget set aside for treats and snacks. But I really, really try to think through each purchase and talk myself out of things I don't need.

Sometimes the item is something I would use or eat eventually, but I put it back and save that purchase for a week when there is some extra money in the budget. And that is where the change in your thinking has to take place. Something may be a good deal - it might be on sale, or you have a coupon - but if you don't really need it right now or there isn't a lot of wiggle room money-wise, then think of all you will save by just not purchasing it!

So even though this is a super simple tip, I challenge you to really take into consideration areas in your budget where you could apply this practice of not spending. What differences would this make in your finances? Have you ever tried any drastic money saving practices?

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