Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Minimalist Approach to Preserving Memories from 2015

Even though it seems like Christmas was last week, here we are at the end of January already. 2015 is already history, folks. As hard as that is to believe (because after all, it was just last month) we can never get the days of 2015 back. We can now remember them fondly as memories of the past. And boy, was there some good memories! Three family weddings, buying my first car, getting stranded in Canada...twice....in the same trip. Some memories I'd rather forget! {wink!}

I am a bit of a sentimentalist at heart, but I also strive to be a minimalist and keep clutter at bay. So after having a fun-filled summer in 2014, I was left wondering...how can I hold on to those keepsakes and still keep a clutter-free, minimalist approach?

In January of 2015, I purchased this box at TJ Maxx to act as my "Box of Memories."

I love the Paris theme, and the faux book look of the box. It could easily be tucked into my bookshelf as another book, or displayed as art because it is so pretty!


Inside I tucked away all the mementoes of 2015 that I wanted to keep. I try not to be much of a hoarder, but there are always little keepsakes and treasures that I want to keep, but can't seem to find a place for. So into the box they went!

I included some fun moments from the year: programs and tickets from the places we visited, the program from my sister's graduation, meaningful notes and letters, and the handmade ornament my brother painted for me all on his own. All those little details I just don't want to throw away!

To finish it off I added all the family pictures I received as Christmas cards, so that in years to come I can look back and see how funny we all looked. :)

After a year of using this system I can honestly say I love it so much! It gives me a place to keep those little things I don't want to part with, but still takes up very little room.

I already planned for 2016 by picking up this photo box on sale at JoAnns (Again, the Paris theme...didn't really plan that, honest!)

As much as I love the book-box, I think this photo box style will be more practical and will be easier to stash away when it is full. I could probably even fit keepsakes from a couple of years into one box to save even more room down the road. We'll see where this thing goes!

I'm excited to see what this box will hold by the end of 2016! Who knows what a year may bring?

I'd love to hear: how do you preserve keepsakes from your family without appearing on an episode of Hoarders? What items do you feel are important to keep, and what items get thrown away?

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