Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Canada Trip, 2016

During the month of April I got to take a 10-day trip to Nova Scotia! It had been over a YEAR since I had visited, so this trip was Looooong overdue. It was so refreshing to visit the old stomping grounds and remember how much I loved living in those small, country communities.

Here are a few pictures (ok, more than a few!) to highlight the trip:

Four-wheeled out to this "balancing rock" with a good friend!

"The hills are alive!"
Judah had been saying for weeks that he wanted to dress up like "Patch the Pirate"...so I pulled together this outfit for him with clothes he already had and scraps of cloths. Pretty cute!

As birthday/Christmas gifts for both of us, Dad took Rachel and I to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Halifax!

It was such a fun night! The Globetrotters were crazy and we laughed so hard at their antics! It was a great way to end a fun trip.

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