Organizing Challenge! How I organized one small drawer

I'm always amazed at how stuff piles up...junk, really! Please tell me some of you have this problem too?! I try really hard to keep the things I own to a minimum - a kind of minimalistic approach to owning stuff. But still...things pile up so fast!

I decided it is time to do a bit of fall cleaning. Cleaning up and cleaning out! This can be intimidating, so I started small. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started! I cleaned out my bathroom vanity's drawer, which is small and a great place to start. Read on to see what made the cut and what didn't (and my favourite way to store my makeup brushes!) and I have an organizing challenge for YOU!

Here is the embarrassing "before" of my bathroom vanity drawer. Overflowing with stuff!

I took everything out and cleaned it. I decided to put a pretty piece of wrapping paper on the bottom or the drawer. Not really water resistant, but it will be mostly covered by plastic dividers anyway. And I just love this paper! (Found for 50 cents at a discount store.)

I have been using clear drawer dividers for a while, and I love them! They are easy to clean and I can rearrange them to have a layout that works best. 

Once the dividers were cleaned and re-organized, I put back only the things I am truly using. And wow...I have a lipgloss and mascara problem! 😳 Here is the pile that didn't make the cut and went straight into the trash:

A few other things just needed a different home, like some travel-sized shampoo that went straight into my suitcase!

Now it is easy to see everything I need, and that pretty paper showing through makes me smile!

I also took this opportunity to give my makeup brushes a good cleaning. I soaked them in warm water with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, and rinsed them well. I try to do this once a month, but honestly it had been a while. :/

My favourite way to store my brushes is on the counter in a glass candle holder! I got this for under a dollar at Goodwill, and then filled it with glass beads from the pet section at Walmart. (My brilliant cousin tipped me off to this...the glass beads in the fishtank section are cheaper then the ones in the craft section! Who knew!)

This holds my brushes and eyeliner, is easy to grab each morning, and looks pretty!

My FAVORITE way to store makeup brushes and eyeliner - easy to grab, plus it look pretty! via So Sew Organized

I'm so glad I did this quick project! It really makes my morning more simple now that I only have what I need on a daily basis in this drawer. I'm ready to tackle another small area and see what else I can get rid of. Throwing things away is so freeing!

And this is where I'd love for YOU to join me!

Your challenge is to take on your own small organizing project...I said small! It is way less intimidating to start with one small drawer or caddy or shelf. You'll be glad you did! Clean it up and clean it out, be sure to donate or throw away some stuff! 

I'd love to see what area you choose, so be sure to hop back here and tell me or tag So Sew Organized on Facebook!

Happy organizing everyone!

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  1. Yup... I need to do this too. Every square inch of my house needs to be touched. Maybe I should make it my goal.... I just always have so many DIYs I want to do. :)

    1. I feel that way too! Start small...I promise you, it won't seem to overwhelming, and you will get lots done! Pick one small space and come back and tell me about it!

      Cheering you on,
      Nicole =)


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