Three things I WON'T purge

I am a HUGE fan of purging and organizing. It is such a freeing feeling to get rid of extra stuff that I don't need and make room for the things that make me smile and are functional and practical. I go on big organizing/purging sprees often, usually at about 10 pm. ;) All my best work happens at that time of day!

I currently rent a tiny room, and while I could have picked a bigger room I just dearly love this one! It is so bright and sunny and cheerful, and I really don't mind that it is small. That does mean I have to be intentional in keeping it organized and neat so I have room to create and relax.

There are, however, some things that I won't get rid of, even in my tiny room:

1. Bedside tray. 

I've been using this tray for years, and it just makes Small Room Living easier! (Small Room Living should totally be a Tiny House Living...don't you think?) I often eat in my room, especially in the evenings, so the tray is handy in carrying my meals upstairs.

Many evenings I enjoy a cup of tea while working or reading from my bed, so the tray gives me a stable place to set my mug down away from electronics. Plus the tray will catch any accidental spills.

2. Books.

I have this thing for books. They just seem to multiply by themselves, somehow! ;) I have very little room for books in my room, but I continue to find ways to fit more in. Someday maybe I'll have my own library to put them in...when that happens I can rescue the boxes of books I have stored in my parents attic. ;)

3.Personal touches. 

There is ALWAYS room for personal touches, no matter how small the room might be. The hand-made doily given to me by an older lady in my church always gets a special place. Wall art is a great way to get meaningful items into a space, or clear off a little place for knick-knacks that are gifted to you. I only keep the pieces that have meaning to me, and at the end of the year I can tuck them in my memory box to enjoy in the future. Rotating them out at the end of the years makes room for the new things I am sure to accumulate!

This little piano was given to me by a piano student - handmade with clay! A special treasure for sure!

I'd love to hear your organizing and purging habits! Do you keep things because of sentiment and practicality? How ruthless are you in your purging? What items are important to keep and which ones do you get rid of? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I love purging too but you're totally right that you need to know what you are and aren't willing to get rid of.

    1. Yes! And some days I am more ruthless than others, haha. :) Thanks for commenting!


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