Food on Friday: The edition where I bought too much food

So, tomorrow my brother comes home from college and spends a week with me before going on to Nova Scotia. Which totally gave me the excuse to do this...

There I am, just filling up the backseat with groceries! I normally only have like one bag of groceries for myself!

I may have gone *slightly* overboard and absolutely spent more than my usual budget. But a college man has to eat, right? This also gave me the chance to stock up on some things since I had let my groceries practically run out before my trip to Canada.

I also tried to make some things up ahead so there will be meals he just has to heat up while I am at work. I cooked up some meat for tacos and also made these breakfast burrito bites  from Ella Claire Inspired for an easy breakfast. In the next couple of days I will cook up the brussels sprouts and quinoa as well.

I don't do much meal planning in the traditional sense, but I do mentally map out what we have for meals and then have a bunch of options for snacks available! Hopefully I can prepare a bunch of this in the next couple days and not have to worry about cooking too much while he is here.

     Breakfast burrito bites
     Eggs and bacon
     Cinnamon rolls
     Possibly these Breakfast Cookies  from Carrie This Home because I have been wanting to try them!

     Pizza bread
     Cold cut Sandwiches
     Hamburgers with sweet potato fries
     Pork chops with veggies
     Salad with chicken strips
     Brussels sprouts and bacon over quinoa
     Fiddle heads...which hopefully will be in season here any day!

     Dried pineapple
     Stuffed celery
     Fruit - Apples, strawberries, oranges
     Ice cream
     Fruit snacks...I had a coupon..does that make this count as a saving money post? ;)

This is where you say, "um yeah Nicole, no way you are going to eat all that in just 6 days time." I know, I know. This way I won't have to plan on shopping for myself the next week. {wink!}

So there is my week in grocery shopping and food, y'all. Not my typical "save money! eat healthy!" food on Friday post, but a peek into my real life menu non-planning. Now it is your turn to share: did you find any great grocery deals this week? What would you feed a hungry college man?

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